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It’s Not The Length, It’s What You Do With It

Guest Post by Mindy Klasky Thanks, Doranna, for letting me hang out here today and for allowing me to share some of the background of my Diamond Brides Series, including Perfect Pitch, which is in stores now. Once upon a … Continue reading

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Writing Process: Me, Me, Me!

I’ve been tagged! Tagged, that is, to participate in a blog hop for writers, which I think is actually supposed to be called “My Writing Process.”  But, you know, what fun is that? Every Monday authors blog about their own … Continue reading

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Bloggy Evolution

by Doranna Yep, I’m in a process.  I’ve never been particularly good at saying, “Hey!  I’m a writer!  I would really like it if people bought my stuff, read my stuff, and hey, even enjoyed my stuff.”  Because it’s not … Continue reading

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Tara Maya: Five Signs You’re a Writer

Guest Blog by Tara Maya Every once in a while, bopping around the blogosphere, there’s a pleasant little collision of chance and serendipity, and you walk away with a smile.  Such it was when I stumbled into Tara’s first installation … Continue reading

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The Hardest Review

by Doranna “Read the reviews!” “Ignore all reviews!” “Don’t let them get to you!” Well, bother. It used to be easier to ignore reviews, but I think we all know that reader reviews have become an important part of discoverability … Continue reading

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Getting Away with Murder

by Doranna note: I scribbled this blog last year sometime, and decided that the timing would provide too many clues.  This morning I found the scribble, and here we are… Today, I kill someone. Premeditated.  Deliberate.  With much aforethought. And … Continue reading

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So THERE, Chaos! Take THAT!

by Doranna Last week I wrote a lamentful blog about my April 20 deadline for finishing first draft of LYNX REVEALED.  You know…some chatter about deadlines, some chatter about unexpected CEs, some whining from the muse… It was a stiff … Continue reading

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The Next Big Thing

by Doranna My friend Julie Czerneda tagged me for this blog meme–she’s already done hers, and you can find it at that link. 1. What is the working title of your next book? Am I supposed to have a single … Continue reading

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Dear Amazon Authors Whose Books I Reviewed

by Doranna The very nice thing about taking the blog off the M/W schedule is that if I feel like posting something oddball, I can. Like this. No doggie pics, no videos, just a bit of cold wrath. It goes … Continue reading

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DuncanHorse on the Run, with Mad

by Doranna Things are starting to pick up in DuncanHorse World.  But first, a random bit of goodness:   It’s an overseas version of Tiger Bound!  How cool is that?  I’m supposed to get copies of all international versions and … Continue reading

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