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My books are SF/F, mystery, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense. My dogs are Beagles, my home is the Southwest, and the horse wants a cookie!

Housekeeping in a Virtual World

Personally, I think it’s bad enough that Real Life Housekeeping doesn’t stay kept.  It turns out the digital world is hardly any better!

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Welcome to WordPlay!

This is Doranna Durgin’s WordPlay Blog. Theoretically, it’s all about my books.  In practice, it’s more about life, dog training, horses, and reading.  On Fridays, The Write Horse usually stops by to offer a peek into the horse training life, written … Continue reading

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Alice Beagle’s Gotcha Month

The Couch Princess Rocks On! by Doranna Three years! Alice has been here three years this month, which makes her eight years old. All things being equal, we like to get our dogs as pups and start training right away.  … Continue reading

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Saving Benjy

This blog is harder than you think it’s gonna be by Doranna There’s a thing about animals, and it is this: An animal in an unbearable situation shuts itself down to cope. So you get horses like Takota, who–still recovering … Continue reading

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The Red Horse Diaries: Not for the Faint of Hand

In which Takota and I are not even kidding by Doranna There’s a thing about geldings. (All gelding owners know immediately where this is going.) They need to be cleaned. Personally, I mean.  Their private parts.  Naughty bits. Mr. Happy. 

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The Red Horse Diaries: The Takota Nose

In Which the Red Horse Would Liked to be Touched. No, nevermind.  Yes, touch. No, changed my mind… Including the Twisty Lips Power Song by Doranna Takota is a horse of phases. Not surprising–he’s in a new situation, being asked … Continue reading

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Benjamin Beagle

by Doranna Benjy Beagle is a handsome elder statesman originally from West Virginia, where he spent his life in a hunting pack.  No one has to guess at this, although he came through the shelter system without identifying details–his freeze … Continue reading

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Free Fiction: What Next?

by Doranna Samhain Heartsong is complete, and it feels weird that story posts aren’t going out on a schedule any more. So then…what next?  So many choices!  So many decisions.  HELP ME! Do you like the online fiction?  If no, … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to the Boo Dog

by Doranna (off running agility again this weekend!) Connery Beagle is FIFTEEN! Unless you know Connery, it’s hard to understand our more or less unrelenting astonishment at this fact. Never mind the multiple giant dog attacks when he was so … Continue reading

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The Red Horse Diaries: Learning to Walk

In which the Red Horse Learns to Gear Down by Doranna Takota got his feet trimmed today, which was a pleasing occasion.  He arrived with ugly mismatched angles and quarter flares (in spite of one remedial trimming already behind him, … Continue reading

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