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The first little bit.

By Patty Wilber After the huge excitement of the World Show, I am back at it and have a new colt start to keep me on my toes. When I am ready to get on for the first time, I … Continue reading

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A Snow Snit

by Doranna Ahh, yes.  April weather.  Actually, this whole winter has been like this.  Achingly little precipitation of any kind, and going into what they’re calling a neutral year.  No La Niña, no El Niño. When we do get wet … Continue reading

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The Herding Beagle

by Doranna ConneryBeagle has a Twitter feed (Because of course he does.  That boy has been online since the day he came home with me).   He doesn’t tweet religiously, since I rarely give up the keyboard, but he likes to … Continue reading

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DuncanHorse on the Run, with Mad

by Doranna Things are starting to pick up in DuncanHorse World.  But first, a random bit of goodness:   It’s an overseas version of Tiger Bound!  How cool is that?  I’m supposed to get copies of all international versions and … Continue reading

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The Camel Nose Effect

by Doranna This is totally not the same as the camel toe effect.  Don’t even go there. This is what happens on a Friday when one wakes up hoping to ride, and encounters this particular weather (and a Lyme Head … Continue reading

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A Horsie Manicure

by Doranna My farrier (ie, horseshoeing professional) hates it when I say Horsie Manicure. I guess I don’t blame him.  The description doesn’t really reflect the physical and exacting nature of the job.  I was a farrier assistant once upon … Continue reading

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A DuncanHorse Strut

by Doranna Duncan and I have had the Summer of Sick in common this year–me with the Lyme, him with his autoimmune reaction from his shots.  That should be over by now but it’s lingering in a worrisome way, flaring … Continue reading

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DuncanHorse, Vaccines, and Enough is Enough

Enough is MORE than enough. I have a dog whose life changed after his final puppy shots (ConneryBeagle).  It started immediately, but it took us a while to understand the full ramifications…the autoimmune issues leading up to his third year, … Continue reading

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DuncanHorse: Exterior Decoratorating Specialist

Ahhh, spring. Lots of horse hair. The paddock glacier has melted. And DuncanHorse is pleased. When DuncanHorse is pleased, there’s just no telling what will happen. One day, for instance…I might head for the barn to discover he’s been quite … Continue reading

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Go Soak Your Hay

I’ve finally figured out the big secret to feeding Duncan. It wasn’t any single discovery…it was sixteen years of observations coming together at year twenty. The particulars: Like most Lipizzans, Duncan is an air fern. At random intervals, Duncan has … Continue reading

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