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Wintery Pre-winter

By Patty Wilber This week has been a bit wintery pre-winter (since winter officially begins 12/21).  It has been cold (for us). Some days were not above freezing, others were barely above. There have been a few days without much … Continue reading

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The Instinct Test (for dogs)

By Patty Wilber I was at cutting horse trainer Ed Krauss’s with my my dog Coulson, and he suggested I have Coulson tested for herding dog potential. I thought that sounded really interesting, and so we did it. Coulson took … Continue reading

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Barn Help

By Patty Wilber You know you’ve got it made when you have 24 hour barn help (even if they are dogs)!

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Road Trip!

By Patty Wilber We went to Longmont, Colorado last weekend for an Appaloosa show. Drove out on Friday.   Drove back on Saturday.  That was a lot of driving! Over 900 miles, round trip. We had to do it because so far as … Continue reading

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Dogs Fly Free

By Patty Wilber Dogs fly free on Southwest Airlines!  At least if they are under 50 lbs and statues in a box. This dog “lived” with Jim’s Mom for many many years.. She passed away Oct, 15, 2015.  At first, I was not … Continue reading

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The Pro-Choice Beagle Boys

by Doranna Tell you what. I am so sick of other people being all up in my business. Trying to control my personal decisions about my dogs when it comes to spay/neuter, collars, car crating… For one thing, no matter … Continue reading

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Beagle Baditude

Lately I’ve been exploring baditude. Not external baditude, which involves acting out on others, but internal badittude. I am big. I am bad. I am making an impact instead of having an impact made on me. Like that.

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Puppy Party

Tristan Beagle continues to grow up faster than I can even type about him. See? Teething!  And between the day I took this pic and am writing this blog, those missing front teeth have largely grown in! He has a … Continue reading

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Mandatory Spay/Neuter, Not in My Backyard!

by Doranna Spay and neuter laws lead to another one of those conversations that can get us into trouble.  We care about our animals and we care about the suffering of animals who aren’t ours.  We feel passionately about the … Continue reading

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Not So In Spite Of

Once you embark on the Way of Dog Performance Sports (obedience, rally, tracking, agility), certain things change.  Every cares about the health and well-being of their dogs—but when you’re asking for more from them—and when you’re planning your training around … Continue reading

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