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DuncanHorse on the Run, with Mad

by Doranna Things are starting to pick up in DuncanHorse World.  But first, a random bit of goodness:   It’s an overseas version of Tiger Bound!  How cool is that?  I’m supposed to get copies of all international versions and … Continue reading

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A DuncanHorse Strut

by Doranna Duncan and I have had the Summer of Sick in common this year–me with the Lyme, him with his autoimmune reaction from his shots.  That should be over by now but it’s lingering in a worrisome way, flaring … Continue reading

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The Call of the Wannit

…Monday Or, in Duncan’s case, the call of the modest fenced pasture. He. Wants. It. Duncan loves his pasture. Doesn’t matter how scarce those grass blades or how studded with prickly pear. He has a south flat shared with agility … Continue reading

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