So THERE, Chaos! Take THAT!

by Doranna

Last week I wrote a lamentful blog about my April 20 deadline for finishing first draft of LYNX REVEALED.  You know…some chatter about deadlines, some chatter about unexpected CEs, some whining from the muse…

It was a stiff deadline and I needed to prove to myself that I could make it after several years of life transitions that turned my writing routines all murky, if ever ongoing.  But hitting homestretch in the story with the addition of several hours of work per day on the CEs, and…

Well.  I was sad.

Also, there’s always someone here at the office standing station with his insistent little Beagle feet against my leg, clamoring for attention.  He’s always done this, but he also misses Belle.

"Training time!  Train the Beagle!"

“Training time! Train the Beagle!”

“Train the Beagle NOW.”

Well, here I am to tell you that HA HA HA!  Friday morning, I wrapped up that first draft ANYWAY!  And yes!  I’m using lots of ALL CAPS!

Because I DID IT!

Take THAT, Chaos!

Done!  Done done donedone!

Done! Done done donedone!

Not only done, but darn close to target!  (80-85K words for the Nocturne line.  And I know I’ll be adding about 500 in a missing scenelett, and will tighten down a bit in second draft, when I won’t generally do much but refine the words on paper and slide through the story with defining tweaks to the various threads of it.)

The close-up.  Strike a pose!

The close-up. Strike a pose!


Of course, here I am two days later and the Muse is missing her first draft time rather badly, in spite of a full weekend of doggy and family events.  But she’ll have to suck it up; there’s a week or more before I go back to the story with second draft.  On Monday, I start right in on the proofs for CLAIMED BY THE DEMON, while simultaneously working CEs on the new edition of SCENT OF DANGER.  Plus, the cover–!

And also this coming week, Big Things in the Offing for the Dogs.  But that’s another blog.  This one is all about BEING DONE.

Do the dance, Numfar!

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