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The Pro-Choice Beagle Boys

by Doranna Tell you what. I am so sick of other people being all up in my business. Trying to control my personal decisions about my dogs when it comes to spay/neuter, collars, car crating… For one thing, no matter … Continue reading

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Mandatory Spay/Neuter, Not in My Backyard!

by Doranna Spay and neuter laws lead to another one of those conversations that can get us into trouble.  We care about our animals and we care about the suffering of animals who aren’t ours.  We feel passionately about the … Continue reading

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Beagle Bashfest

So, hey!  Miss P, Beagle Beautiful, won the Westminster last week! Beagle Beagle Beagle! She is a lovely bitch, with personality and elegance and the most beautiful expression.  And Beagle owners everywhere are bouncing around in the Land of SQUEEE!  … Continue reading

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Gone to the Dogs

There’s a thing going on in the dog world these days. It’s not a good thing. It can be hard to talk about objectively, simply because we do all care so very much about our dogs, and the fate of … Continue reading

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When Choice isn’t Choice, or Vaccine Redux

By Doranna Sometimes choice isn’t choice no matter how hard you try.  Sometimes, it’s all you can do to get close. Sometimes it’s all about the brick wall. Last time out with the blog, I’d just spent weeks researching and … Continue reading

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The No Clothes Equation

by Doranna “The emperor has no clothes” has never been a popular (or easy phrase) to utter.  Not even in agility. So we’re talking about continuing education (training) in this blog event, but first…let’s talk about those courses.  I promise … Continue reading

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Oh Dog Snobs, I Love You!

by Doranna Okay, you know how once a quarter or so I write up a blog in which, after some sort of unpleasant or dangerous encounter, I rant (in a decorously restrained fashion) about people and their rude and uncontrolled … Continue reading

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The Hardest Review

by Doranna “Read the reviews!” “Ignore all reviews!” “Don’t let them get to you!” Well, bother. It used to be easier to ignore reviews, but I think we all know that reader reviews have become an important part of discoverability … Continue reading

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The Taunting Sky

by Doranna It should be, in some fashion, totally illegal for a sky to taunt the way ours has of late.  Especially when we’re going on three years of drought, with no measurable precipitation in the past 8 months. (That … Continue reading

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Practice Safe Petting

by Doranna This is for the vibrant little Papillion named Java (Black Mtn Cup Of Joe RA MX MXB MXJ MJS), who should still be here. Every so often, it’s time to blog about the subject of safe petting. I should … Continue reading

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