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By Patty Wilber On June 6, 2016, my well worn trusty WW three horse steel trailer got rear-ended.  I had horses aboard. Miraculously, no one in the vehicles (me, LT or Mitch) was injured. Also miraculously, my truck was unscathed and the … Continue reading

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Plague Cat

As soon as I saw Mr. McKittypants, I knew he would break my heart. (No.  Not quite yet.  But he’s working on it.) He came to us young–a born feral, behavior modification flunk-out—an unadoptable cat.  We needed a barn hunter … Continue reading

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Worst Word in the World

by Doranna IDIOPATHIC. We probably all have our Worst Words.  That one’s mine. It means, roughly, disease without known cause.* *PS That we have no idea how to treat because really, nothing truly works and good luck with that. Over … Continue reading

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Rabbit for Rena

by Doranna For the past six weeks, Rena Beagle has been on a rabbit-only diet. Here’s something that most people don’t ponder very often:  rabbit is a lean meat.  A leeeean meat.  It is not, in fact, enough of anything … Continue reading

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Eye Yi Yi!

By Patty Wilber Good News first! Progeny #1 graduated from Loyola Law School last weekend! Her boyfriend (Mr. Chocolate Covered Bacon Roses) was able to fly in from Hawaii, Progeny #2 was there, and so were her wonderful grandparents (my mom … Continue reading

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Dear Amazon Authors Whose Books I Reviewed

by Doranna The very nice thing about taking the blog off the M/W schedule is that if I feel like posting something oddball, I can. Like this. No doggie pics, no videos, just a bit of cold wrath. It goes … Continue reading

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Being Nekkid in Public

Never a comfy feeling, that. This summer, I’ve been pretending I’m not naked in public.  In fact, I’ve been pretending really hard.  But at some point, the gig is up. Yes, I’ve been faking it. There have been clues here … Continue reading

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Oops, I’m doing it AGAIN.

It’s Sunday night.  ConneryBeagle would very much like to be writing a blog. However, I’m in the process of discovering–and admitting–that although tonight–after a week of work–I should have finished my computer restoration process, I’m suddenly beginning from scratch. Don’t … Continue reading

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I am Not Currently Speaking to My Life

This is not just what my computer looks like right now.  This is what my brain looks like right now. It’s a new computer.  It has no excuse to be doing this. I AM NOT PLEASED. It’s also my primary … Continue reading

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Writer Beware: Fitzhenry & Whiteside

10/15/11 Original Post 10/23/11 Updated information; identified at end 10/26/11 More Updates, ooooh!  Interesting stuff! At the end! Also!  There’s a silent auction of my remaining DUN LADY’S JESS copies, proceeds to go to horse rescue! Dun Lady’s Jess When … Continue reading

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