Dear Amazon Authors Whose Books I Reviewed

by Doranna

The very nice thing about taking the blog off the M/W schedule is that if I feel like posting something oddball, I can.

Like this. No doggie pics, no videos, just a bit of cold wrath.

It goes like so:

Dear Amazon Authors Whose Books I Reviewed:

I’m sorry that Amazon is removing all my reviews.  Authors, it turns out, are no longer welcome or allowed to review at Amazon.  Retroactively.

No matter that some of us did it very, very rarely–or that our handful of reviews look skewed to the high stars only because we don’t post reviews for books that come in any lower on the scale.  These are our peers; if we don’t like a book, we prefer not to say so.

On the one hand I understand why this is happening.  Those authors who paid for reviews, those authors who run amok dissing other books to damage the competition, those authors who review their own books…

Well, people like this are why we can’t have nice things.

I don’t happen to think disenfranchising everyone who ever wrote a book is the way to deal with the situation.

I also think that while this will prevent every author who also happens to be a reader from expressing delight with the books they love, it won’t stop the stupid people from behaving badly.

They’ll find another way to behave badly.  Trust me.

So I’m sorry my reviews aren’t there to support your books any longer.  I’m sorry that if you happened to love and review one of my books, those reviews are gone, too.  I was honored to have them.

About Doranna

My books are SF/F, mystery, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense. My dogs are Beagles, my home is the Southwest, and the horse wants a cookie!
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2 Responses to Dear Amazon Authors Whose Books I Reviewed

  1. I’m sad that they’re doing this. There are a number of cozy mystery authors that I respect their opinions, and when I’m looking at new books on Amazon and see their thoughts, it helps me make a decision.

    You are right in that stupid people will just find another reason to behave badly on Amazon 🙁

    • Doranna says:

      You and me, both. I’ve always used reviews to help me make reading choices–and the bad reviews aren’t necessarily turn-offs, because if someone is disgruntled about something that doesn’t bother me, then I’m still good to go. But now I know the reviews are filtered and incomplete, so…they won’t be as useful. And, frankly, author reviews can offer a perspective that reader reviews can’t, no matter how well-written they are. Some may not find that useful (or maybe not even want it), but I do.

      Sad. I’m reading one now that I’d love to gush about. I don’t know the author…I’d never even heard of him until someone nudged me at the book. But I’d like to help others find him! Not now, I guess. At least–not on Amazon!

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