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Book Goodies Time!

by Doranna New covers!  Whee!  New books available as Try-Me freebies.  More whee!  October newsletter!  Wuh, wuh, wuh! *peeks to see if anyone buys the perky factor* Oh, bother.  Cheerleading was never my strength.  But it’s all cool, and it’s … Continue reading

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I am a Flake!

by Doranna No, not THAT kind of flake. Well, I guess…yes, that kind of flake.  Sometimes.  But that’s not what I’m talking about this time.  I’m talking about software for writers. Because what’s better than finding software that gives you … Continue reading

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A Bear and his Cover

Every once in a while, publishers tell authors what’s going on. Things like shifting publishing dates, changing word count expectations, and radically changed deadlines. But not usually. So I wasn’t really surprised when I was bopping around B&N the other … Continue reading

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Got Goodies?

“Goodies” in this case means “all the cool news and friend freebies” from my August newsletter. I can’t reproduce the whole thing here or include the clickies, but if you like the idea of being up-to-date with book news and … Continue reading

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Having ALL the Funs

Yes, it is I.  The one who took all the Funs for the day. Oh the guilt. Well, it’s all about the muse, as usual.  Because this summer I indulged, and I went back to the world of veterinarian Dale … Continue reading

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Brain Escape!

Every time I start first draft on a hefty project, my brain sprints for the gate.  There begins a long process of negotiation: the muse vs. real life. Really, the brain wants nothing to do with it.  “Noooo,” it whines.  … Continue reading

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Going Naked in Public

Going naked in public.  That’s kind of what it’s like, when you’re a writer. It’s definitely what it’s like during the days a new piece is released. I mean, there’s all that, “Will they like my work?  Will they see … Continue reading

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Critters as Metaphor

It’s happened AGAIN. That would be the way my work with critters habitually turns into metaphor for my writing. While I could be talking about the incredible icy poo-fest that is the barn frontage this particular winter (in fact, given … Continue reading

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The Big Pending Burp

The muse rules. My muse doesn’t have a name, which is kind of odd because my research muse certainly does (it’s Spike, which should give you an idea of the pushy nature of said research muse). But she rules, regardless. … Continue reading

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Say Something with Your Writing

A Guest Post by Stephanie Draven One of the things that annoys me about the critiques of the Romance genre is that it’s somehow trivial. As if love had not, in fact, given rise to empires or made them come … Continue reading

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