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Library Love Affair

by Doranna Watch what you’re thinking!  This is not that kind of blog! Okay, yes it is.  But not at the moment.

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Smashwords Sale, Whoo-Hoo!

by Doranna Yep, it’s that time of year again…  From now through March 8th (which is not all that far away), Smashwords is making it dead simple to put books on a big blow-out sale.  So, you know…I did. All … Continue reading

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Earthily Ever After

by Doranna I probably could have called this blog Confessions of a Flower Child. I wasn’t quite old enough to be in the hippy scene–just old enough to be profoundly affected by it. I went to the very first Earth … Continue reading

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Bloggy Evolution

by Doranna Yep, I’m in a process.  I’ve never been particularly good at saying, “Hey!  I’m a writer!  I would really like it if people bought my stuff, read my stuff, and hey, even enjoyed my stuff.”  Because it’s not … Continue reading

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Lynx Destiny Countdown

by Doranna Because I just got my first review for Lynx Destiny (from Cataromance), and it’s a good ‘un! It starts out with this: Doranna Durgin continues her exceedingly original Sentinels miniseries with a story packed with danger, passion and … Continue reading

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