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This is Doranna Durgin’s WordPlay Blog. Theoretically, it’s all about my books.  In practice, it’s more about life, dog training, horses, and reading.  On Fridays, The Write Horse usually stops by to offer a peek into the horse training life, written by Patty Wilber.  Welcome, and I hope you come back!

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Judith and Beauty

By Patty Wilber

Beauty (2 yrs old) owned by Melissa Huchton and bred by Judith Huchton, came in mid April and she went home for bit 7/27  because H (owned by me and Judith) is coming home from Cody Crow’s for five weeks so I can get him and me ready to show him for the Best of Texas Sale he is entered in, in September! It feels like a big show, so I am a bit nervous already!

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Green Chile Show and then a LOT of rain

By Patty Wilber

Maddie and Leo decided to go to a show!  They did the senior 4H events at the Green Chile Classic sponsored by the NM Paint Horse Club.  They showed in every event from ranch to western to English! They had such a solid show that they ended up reserve champs under both judges and won two nice saddle blankets!

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Housekeeping in a Virtual World

screenshot of headerPersonally, I think it’s bad enough that Real Life Housekeeping doesn’t stay kept.  It turns out the digital world is hardly any better! Continue reading

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No Coherent Theme

By Patty Wilber

There is no coherent theme for this week, but a lot happened!

Penny did goat tying (with no prior practice, ever) with Heidi and they placed! Later they did turn back work for the ropers. They had some great turns, Heidi reports! Continue reading

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By Patty Wilber

Disclaimer: This is a mostly horseless blog.

All the adults in my family are vaccinated and so my mom, dad and sister came to visit, reinstating the annual 4th of July NM trip! Continue reading

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The Quest for the Lost Keys

By Patty Wilber

Looking for the lost keys. Steve on Maddie mule, Richard and Cole (dog) looking.  Well, Richard is looking.  Cole is pretending to look!

Last Fall, Amber lost her keys sometime around when she shot her elk, so we figured we would ride out there (Cruces Basin Wilderness Area) and try to find them. It was about a 10 mile round trip ride from our camp, and the Cruces Basin Wilderness is lots of fun to walk in, ride in, or just look at! Continue reading

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Nine Ways to Improve Success with Show Patterns

By Patty Wilber

My success in executing patterns correctly has been in decline (with age?) and the reasons are varied, but I need to fix that, so here is a short list of strategies that should apply to all patterns! Continue reading

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Packing Project in the Pecos, 6/12/21

By Patty Wilber

Last Friday (6/11), a lightning strike started a fire in the Pecos Wilderness, and Saturday, were were planning to pack in supplies for a trail crew…

Fortunately, the fire did not grow fast (Rincon Fire: still only 500 acres 6/17 and is mainly an understory fire, although 139 personnel are still listed as deployed on it.).  Also it is/was situated about eight miles east of the work party, and would be expected to move farther east rather than west if it were to grow.  So, we got to go in!

Requisite “horses are the trailer” shot. Penny (left) and Cometa (right) are old hands at this. Sleep until it’s time to move out! Cometa hauled stuff and Penny hauled me.

It is always a fun day when you get to ride in the Pecos, and it is rewarding to get to pack! I might have only one hitch in my repertoire but I can tie a mean Box Hitch, and that is what I used to secure Cometa’s load.

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Sydney Stopped By

By Patty Wilber

Sydney Brooks was in town, taking a break from researching (on her way to a Ph.D. in Chemistry) ways to make gold particles fold into predetermined shapes.  Yes, really.  This work holds “immense promise for chiroptical sensors and components of optical metamaterials.” You can read all about that by clicking the link!

Over the years she has come out to ride when ever she is in town, but, of course, she has not been able to leave Pittsburgh for, like, a year and a half, because, yes, COVID. So, it has been great to see her.

Sydney showed Penny in the New Mexico Buckskin Horse Association for two years, back about 7 or 8 years ago, while she was in high school. (Penny is a dun, and is registered with the American Buckskin Registry Association, as well as being a registered solid Appaloosa.)

As luck would have it, Sydney’s visit corresponded with an NMBHA show, at the Bosque Farms Rodeo Arena!  But since Heidi is using Penny, Sydney (like Jordyn last month) got to ride LT.  (Penny and Heidi had another good show, btw!!–Penny is enjoying being back in the ring with a young rider, and she gets to work cows, but I did not get any still photos of them this show!!)

Sydney on LT and me on Lucy.  I guess I am picking my nose and Sydney is reacting in horror. That is not what is actually happening, but it sort of looks like it! Photos all by Suzette.

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