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Looksie, Booksies!

by Doranna Oh right.  It’s an author blog.  And occasionally books become available!  I should maybe mention that? This month, the book is Alpha Rising.  Very cool cover.  Love the UK version even more! (Except I’ve got to say…the back … Continue reading

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Sentinels Starter Kit

by Doranna So, yeah…I’m playing around with Rafflecopter again.  It just looks…you know…fun! The contest is pretty much self-explanatory…and there lots of options for entering.  It starts on 2/28, ends a month later…I wouldn’t tend to have it run quite … Continue reading

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Earthily Ever After

by Doranna I probably could have called this blog Confessions of a Flower Child. I wasn’t quite old enough to be in the hippy scene–just old enough to be profoundly affected by it. I went to the very first Earth … Continue reading

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Lynx Destiny Birthday

by Doranna Yep, yep, yep.  It’s here!  And I am happy. LYNX DESTINY Sentinels Book 6 February ’14 Harlequin | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Books-A-Million | IndieBound | The Book Depository | iBooks | Kobo | excerpt A … Continue reading

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Lynx Destiny Countdown

by Doranna Because I just got my first review for Lynx Destiny (from Cataromance), and it’s a good ‘un! It starts out with this: Doranna Durgin continues her exceedingly original Sentinels miniseries with a story packed with danger, passion and … Continue reading

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I *Would* Have Made that Deadline…Honest!

by Doranna I swear I would have. Actually, it’s my own self-imposed deadline for the first draft of LYNX REVEALED, so no one’s wringing their hands or cursing over me. I’ve already made word count, and I’m days away from … Continue reading

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More Sentinels on the Way!

by Doranna I’m slow off the mark on this one. I should have been celebrating out loud at least a week ago.  But it turns out that TAMING THE DEMON should have gone into production right about the time Sandy … Continue reading

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DuncanHorse on the Run, with Mad

by Doranna Things are starting to pick up in DuncanHorse World.  But first, a random bit of goodness:   It’s an overseas version of Tiger Bound!  How cool is that?  I’m supposed to get copies of all international versions and … Continue reading

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A Bear and his Cover

Every once in a while, publishers tell authors what’s going on. Things like shifting publishing dates, changing word count expectations, and radically changed deadlines. But not usually. So I wasn’t really surprised when I was bopping around B&N the other … Continue reading

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Got Goodies?

“Goodies” in this case means “all the cool news and friend freebies” from my August newsletter. I can’t reproduce the whole thing here or include the clickies, but if you like the idea of being up-to-date with book news and … Continue reading

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