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Trees & Flowers & Desert Rain

by Doranna The fire season is coming on early, dry, and hard, so I’ve been working as I can on the arroyo fire clearing project (which is much bigger than I am any way you look at it). Last fall … Continue reading

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Property Lines are Your Friends

by Doranna Or, how I spent my summer vacation. Or, since I didn’t have a summer vacation, how I spent my weekend. We live in a rugged area of the Sandia Mountain foothills, in a bowl that’s surrounded by a … Continue reading

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Ready to Ride?

By Patty Wilber Jan 31 is the first Back Country Horsemen ride of the year! Meet at Town and Country Feed Store (Under new management!  Stop in and check out the changes!) down (from here)  by Tramway and Central where I40 begins to climb … Continue reading

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I Wanna be a Cowgirl, Part II

  Just as we (4 of us) were saddled up and ready to go, the cows busted out of the holding pen.  Apparently, they were unsatisfied with the accomodations.  Grass too short? Water too cold?  Too shallow?     It was unclear, but … Continue reading

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So Much Fun, So Little Time…

…Friday It’s a Write Horse day!  And a hint of the grand adventures that have brought Patty back to report on posts, all “Wow!” and zen and “Whoa! Pretty!” Seriously. Sad Keanu could take a lesson here. Around home, things … Continue reading

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Oops! She’s Done It Again!

…Friday It’s a Write Horse day!  And the things you just don’t necessarily think about when you haven’t spend hours on horseback. Surprise! And surprise again! Patty’s off having a grand time again, so here I am, looking to greet … Continue reading

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The Hills are Alive…with the Sound of Hoof Beats

Monday… Duncan has always had a weird presumption about the ground beneath his feet, which is that it won’t dare to vary without his consent. Let’s just say that unlike my cat-footed young gaited mare in the Appalachians–who occasionally saved … Continue reading

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And Your Little Hatchet, too!

posted on Wednesday Yup. Got me my cactus fork. Got me my little hatchet. And today, the juniper nursery and I gave each other a nervous hairy eyeball and faced off. I like my little hatchet.  Buh-bye, little trees! Of course, … Continue reading

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Cactus Forking

posted on Monday Not a word combination that comes often to mind. But the agility area is rife with a low-lying prickly pear and hoo boy, it’s gotta go.  It starts with the hoe:  lift the flat pads of the … Continue reading

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posted on Friday What’re you gonna do. The dogs are clamoring for training, and the road is pure muck, and the agility yard is hovering somewhere between knee-deep in snow and melted into sludge. Not to mention the next trial … Continue reading

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