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Down on the Farm

By Patty Wilber So, I bought five Angus-cross cows Mar. 6. Price of cows has been through the roof (due to a decrease in cows in the US–been sold to Japan, and the price of feed…amazing how you can sound … Continue reading

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What the Cows Say

By Patty Wilber The cows are out where the eastern plains of New Mexico flatten off the Manzano Mountains and stretch themselves into Texas.  It usually seems to be windy.  Makes me thankful I live in arms of the mountains. The cows have … Continue reading

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If you’re on my FaceBook or Twitter feeds, you watched this one unfold.  The evening clouds  coming in over the mountains weren’t a surprise–we knew about the rain. When the hail started, that wasn’t a surprise, either. Biggie marble-size hail … Continue reading

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And Your Little Hatchet, too!

posted on Wednesday Yup. Got me my cactus fork. Got me my little hatchet. And today, the juniper nursery and I gave each other a nervous hairy eyeball and faced off. I like my little hatchet.  Buh-bye, little trees! Of course, … Continue reading

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Cactus Forking

posted on Monday Not a word combination that comes often to mind. But the agility area is rife with a low-lying prickly pear and hoo boy, it’s gotta go.  It starts with the hoe:  lift the flat pads of the … Continue reading

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What was I Saying About the Horse in the Cold Wet Dark?

The Monday Post And the rain turned to heavy snow… What was I saying about horses in the wet cold dark? About the stupid? Well, there’s the flip side of the coin. When the horse has to deal with Human … Continue reading

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Fence Me In!

The Friday Post Happy New Year! No, seriously…do it. Fence me in! And do it right! Last Thursday, I had a Christmas gift I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time: I took a walk with the dogs … Continue reading

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