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The Canine Catch-Up Part II

Alice & Tristan! by Doranna CH Luvbug Copper Rose More Than Feeling RN CGC Alice joined us almost three years ago–already a champion with two litters under her belt, and ready to have her own pack.  She’s a shy, giggly, … Continue reading

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The Continuing Baditude

by Doranna The last time I blogged through, I was pondering the effects of a rut of bad luck/stresses/downturns in a number of areas in my life–the slow transition to floundering joy and the sensation of ongoing loss and failure. … Continue reading

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Beagle Baditude

Lately I’ve been exploring baditude. Not external baditude, which involves acting out on others, but internal badittude. I am big. I am bad. I am making an impact instead of having an impact made on me. Like that.

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Not So In Spite Of

Once you embark on the Way of Dog Performance Sports (obedience, rally, tracking, agility), certain things change.  Every cares about the health and well-being of their dogs—but when you’re asking for more from them—and when you’re planning your training around … Continue reading

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Taking the Long Road

Sometimes, it takes years to unravel a training issue.  Sometimes…a decade! I’ve been running ConneryBeagle in agility for…well, nearly that decade (although he obviously wasn’t competing in those first training months).  He’s almost eleven, winding down his career, and basically … Continue reading

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The No Clothes Equation

by Doranna “The emperor has no clothes” has never been a popular (or easy phrase) to utter.  Not even in agility. So we’re talking about continuing education (training) in this blog event, but first…let’s talk about those courses.  I promise … Continue reading

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Breaking Good

by Doranna The broken brain.  It is Teh Stoopit.  It looks at things it’s known how to do forEVER and it says, “I got nuthin’.” When it comes to the dogs, I can often see it coming…if not always.  “Nope, … Continue reading

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All the Colors of W00t

by Doranna Qualifying!  Winning!  Titles!  W00t!  Rah! Because hey, that stuff is fun.  It’s lots of fun.  The green Q ribbon is a revered thing.  Add a bit of placement ribbon color and…you know… W00t! But if it was the … Continue reading

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The Good, The Bad, and The Silly

by Doranna THE GOOD: Agility milestones for Connery Beagle!  Now that he’s earned a MACH3, Connery is running in Preferred classes (that is, jumping four inches lower).  He was always the shortest and heaviest dog in his jump height…Beagles are … Continue reading

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Puppy’s First Shoes

A Blue Hound Beagles Blog (A Dog Agility Blog Event: Starting your puppy) Talk about awesome reinforcement timing!  This past month, in some weird universal coincidence, big lots of people (okay, a couple) asked me exactly this–when did I start … Continue reading

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