So Much Fun, So Little Time…



It’s a Write Horse day!  And a hint of the grand adventures that have brought Patty back to report on posts, all “Wow!” and zen and “Whoa! Pretty!” Seriously. Sad Keanu could take a lesson here.

Around home, things have been more drenching. As in, astonishingly drenching. As in, the monsoon is here and it’s not playing around, either. After enough rain last weekend to create creeks across this sloped property and send the arroyos running hard, we’re still drying out and finessing the waterscaping (one must, after all, DIRECT those creeks. Especially since one of them quite naturally wants to run through the barn).

Since then we’re back to more typical seasonal activity–building clouds during the day that, on a lucky day, burst free with rain overhead. But even if we’re not getting it here, it’s pounding out a mile or so away…someone’s getting wet.

But y’know…it’s the desert. We try not to complain about rain. We tend to go out and dance in it!

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