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Alice Beagle’s Gotcha Month

The Couch Princess Rocks On! by Doranna Three years! Alice has been here three years this month, which makes her eight years old. All things being equal, we like to get our dogs as pups and start training right away.  … Continue reading

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Saving Benjy

This blog is harder than you think it’s gonna be by Doranna There’s a thing about animals, and it is this: An animal in an unbearable situation shuts itself down to cope. So you get horses like Takota, who–still recovering … Continue reading

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Benjamin Beagle

by Doranna Benjy Beagle is a handsome elder statesman originally from West Virginia, where he spent his life in a hunting pack.  No one has to guess at this, although he came through the shelter system without identifying details–his freeze … Continue reading

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The Canine Catch-Up

by Doranna As we know, Bob, it’s been a while since I was blogging with any regularity.  Long enough, in fact, that Things Canine have undergone quite a few changes. Tristan, for instance, was less than six months old when … Continue reading

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The Continuing Baditude

by Doranna The last time I blogged through, I was pondering the effects of a rut of bad luck/stresses/downturns in a number of areas in my life–the slow transition to floundering joy and the sensation of ongoing loss and failure. … Continue reading

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Beagle Baditude

Lately I’ve been exploring baditude. Not external baditude, which involves acting out on others, but internal badittude. I am big. I am bad. I am making an impact instead of having an impact made on me. Like that.

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Operation Hug Dart

by Doranna I’m no stranger to dog fights. I started my first pack while living remotely in the mountains—extraordinary, experienced varmint hunters who didn’t just squabble when the time came for the changing of the guard.  No, they inflicted significant … Continue reading

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Puppy Party

Tristan Beagle continues to grow up faster than I can even type about him. See? Teething!  And between the day I took this pic and am writing this blog, those missing front teeth have largely grown in! He has a … Continue reading

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Mandatory Spay/Neuter, Not in My Backyard!

by Doranna Spay and neuter laws lead to another one of those conversations that can get us into trouble.  We care about our animals and we care about the suffering of animals who aren’t ours.  We feel passionately about the … Continue reading

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Tracking Dog Wreckcellence

It can be hard to work with genius. Take Connery Beagle.  He’s honest and hardworking and loves to sing his song of self, and did I mention honest?  By which I mean internally as well as externally.  He’s not so … Continue reading

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