Fence Me In!

The Friday Post
Happy New Year!

No, seriously…do it. Fence me in! And do it right!

Last Thursday, I had a Christmas gift I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time: I took a walk with the dogs around the new pasture fenceline on the new property.

cholla on the land

Oh, it’s only about half the property–the back half is deeply cut by an untamed arroyo of the sort that forms a little highway for coyotes and possibly the occasional bear. (So I hear. I’m hoping we’re just out of normal range, but all the same, I’m keeping birdfeeders away from the house. Apparently bears think they are way cool…)

So we didn’t include the arroyo in the fenced area.  That leaves a modest pasture of perhaps just under two acres, but it is so delightful!  All rugged and wooded with juniper and pinon, with a deep swale (a pre-arroyo?) between the house and the arroyo.  Lots of  variation, lots of cover,  a flat area of juniper nursey soon to be lightly cleared for agility and a flat area for riding on.  And best of all, it’s fenced.

Even the dogs know what that means–and they knew instantly, when I took them for their first walk on the land last Friday.  It means running in wild circles without being stopped, because their boundaries are a given.  It means the safety to romp and range away from me while I walk, and the freedom to come back, check in with me by meeting my eyes, and spurting away again.  It means exploring together while making their own choices, yet still being with me…us, the pack, walking our territory.  Together.

Once there’s a horse involved, things will really get fun.

So yes, by all means–fence us in!

Besides.  I had a lot of gates put in.

I’m going out there again this weekend to do it all over again for the new year.  I hope you’re having a good one!

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