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At Least It’s Not May

by Doranna Because…wait, what? Where was this in the forecast when I checked it last night? NOWHERE, that’s where!

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Repairs and Maintenance

By Patty Wilber I just finished my 2013 business tax summary, and while “Supplies” (which includes feed) and “Mileage” were my two most costly categories, “Repairs and Maintenance” was the most time consuming! When we bought this house in 1997, … Continue reading

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Tearing Down the (Chicken) House

By Patty Wilber The time had come. The chicken house had to go.  We emptied it out, paid to have the water capped and the electric wires conduitized (is that even a word?  Spell check says, “Not!” Oh well. Is … Continue reading

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Bed Wrassling and Other Delights

by Doranna The Write Horse feature marches on!  Patty Wilber (she of “I went to the Worlds!” fame) will still be hanging out here with us on the newly flexible WordPlay blog. *kermit waves*  YAAAAAAAAAAY! And soon, it seems, I’ll … Continue reading

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The Camel Nose Effect

by Doranna This is totally not the same as the camel toe effect.  Don’t even go there. This is what happens on a Friday when one wakes up hoping to ride, and encounters this particular weather (and a Lyme Head … Continue reading

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A Horsie Manicure

by Doranna My farrier (ie, horseshoeing professional) hates it when I say Horsie Manicure. I guess I don’t blame him.  The description doesn’t really reflect the physical and exacting nature of the job.  I was a farrier assistant once upon … Continue reading

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DuncanHorse: Exterior Decoratorating Specialist

Ahhh, spring. Lots of horse hair. The paddock glacier has melted. And DuncanHorse is pleased. When DuncanHorse is pleased, there’s just no telling what will happen. One day, for instance…I might head for the barn to discover he’s been quite … Continue reading

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Go Soak Your Hay

I’ve finally figured out the big secret to feeding Duncan. It wasn’t any single discovery…it was sixteen years of observations coming together at year twenty. The particulars: Like most Lipizzans, Duncan is an air fern. At random intervals, Duncan has … Continue reading

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The Mighty Poo Wrangler

My glamorous life. I am author, web master, Backlist eBooks partner, and…the Mighty Poo Wrangler. (Don’t you wish you were me?) At times, this is more obvious than others.  Like when the north slope in front of the barn is … Continue reading

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Litterbox Love

DuncanHorse is not going to appreciate this blog. Duncan: Litterbox!  I heard that! When I moved here, I had a mighty geology/climate lesson.  Because when I lived in Flagstaff at 7,ooo feet, I was on caliche ground and natural volcanic … Continue reading

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