The Call of the Wannit


Or, in Duncan’s case, the call of the modest fenced pasture.

He. Wants. It.

Duncan loves his pasture. Doesn’t matter how scarce those grass blades or how studded with prickly pear. He has a south flat shared with agility equipment and junipers and one gorgeous piñon, a north flat of yucca and prickly pear in which we sometimes ride, and a rugged, offset connection corridor curving around behind the house–the little arroyo, full of piñon, juniper, snags, and cactus.

Beyond that fence line, he can only gaze upon the plunging deep true arroyo, which is really just as well.

The paddock itself is plenty generous–different shade choices, flats and slopes and the barn. Zones for winter hang-out, zones for summer hang-out. Room to cut loose now and then.

Say, when he has a serious case of Pasture Wannit.

Because it doesn’t matter how dry, it doesn’t matter how sparse. He loves his pasture.

Unfortunately for him, although this land is meant to be grazed–by antelope, deer, elk, and bunnies–it isn’t meant for heavy use. It’s meant for animals who wander through, nibbling along the way. So that means while he’s good for this land, he’s also bad for it. (If he wasn’t a barefoot horse, he’d be even worse for it.) And in this dry, pre-monsoon season, that means he has only a few hours out, every other day or so.

This is, he says, not nearly enough. So he has a procedure through which to satisfy his Wannit.

First up: The determined and steely stare over the gate.

DuncanHorse: You. Will. OPEN.

When this fails, a quick circle around to glare with stare part 2:

DuncanHorse: Feel my wrath building! SNORT!

I have to say the gate is seldom impressed. Even the universe seems to have other things to do.

Next? Pawing at the gate. He doesn’t do this for any other reason, and he’s not pawing the ground. He lifts his front leg remarkably high and scrapes his hoove along the metal.

DuncanHorse: Must. Develop. Opposable. Digits.

Sadly, he does not.

And so the fun begins.


Somewhere in that process, I often amble out to enjoy the show. Somewhere in this process, he becomes bored with himself, but doesn’t want to admit it. There follows a great spate of snort! Snorty snort!

And then suddenly, it’s…

Flirt. Flirt flirt flirt.

DuncanHorse: Am I handsome?

DuncanHorse: See my eyelashes?

DuncanHorse: See my curvy neck?

DuncanHorse: The gate is right there beside you…

Nice try, Duncan. Here’s a hug, a pat, and a cookie.

DuncanHorse: Kiss my nose?


power snit

The Power Snit: That there is the Lippie Engine at work. Also, that is what we call "the Neck of Annoyance."


The Power Snit Sprint upon take-off. Not a great angle, but that is one hard-workin' butt


Proof of the butt: Suddenly--full gallop! In rather tight quarters, you may notice.

First flirt

"See? See my flirty neck?"

Flirting further

"My super flirty neck! Here I come! Time to kiss my nose!"

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10 Responses to The Call of the Wannit

  1. Adrianne says:

    LOL!!! So much more impressive than Cat’s wannit!

    How tall is Duncan? He seems to have a long back. Is that common in lippies? He is one powerfully built horse. No wonder he’s a dancer.


  2. Doranna says:

    Duncan is 14.3, which is an average Lippi size. (15.1 is top of the standard.) Some Lippis can indeed be long-backed, but the breed is getting away from that…Duncan, however, is actually fairly short-backed (and combined with the shape of his back, it causes issues with his saddle fitting)

    What you see in that pic above is the set of his neck and a most excellent pair of shoulders, combined with good hip…it’s not the *back* that creates the look, but the overall from point of shoulder to point of hip (and the particular way he’s squared up that inside front leg).

    I hope that made sense!

  3. Adrianne says:

    Only 14.3 hands! He’s got one heck of a presence.

    And yes, I now understand why his back looks long.


  4. Doranna says:

    Lippis are always guessed to be much larger than they actually are… ;>

    Duncan is also classically assigned as an Arabian mix, usually Arabian/draft.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Such a communicative set of postures and moves! WANNIT NOW! Oh, hey there, honey, wouldn’t you like to kiss my gorgeous nose?

  6. Doranna says:

    I’ve just heard from Neighbors that when I’m gone, he’s alternately pouting in the barn, not to be seen, or pitching a temper of Wannit.

    He’s always been a horse of strong bonding.

  7. Tori Lennox says:

    He’s such a handsome boy. 🙂

  8. Doranna says:

    He’s looking good this year, I think. The new environment has been a good one for both of us. 8)

  9. CE Murphy says:

    Oh my, he looks just Perfect in “See my flirty neck?”, doesn’t he? My, what a lovely boy he is.

  10. Doranna says:

    Awww, thank you! I’m really enjoying these pictures, so it warms my little heart when others do, too!

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