DuncanHorse: Exterior Decoratorating Specialist

Ahhh, spring.

Lots of horse hair.

The paddock glacier has melted.

And DuncanHorse is pleased.

When DuncanHorse is pleased, there’s just no telling what will happen.

One day, for instance…I might head for the barn to discover he’s been quite busy–and creative–indeed.

stacked water troughs

Yes, once these water troughs were sitting side-by-side. The one on top used to be to the right.


troughs with decorator

Duncan lingers in the vicinity to be smug. Note the tongue.


Duncan is expressive

Because we needed a close up.


Still looking for trouble

Still looking for trouble...


Enteraining the horse

It's best to give him something to do, then. This is a new toy: oats sprinkled in water. (Bonus: it encourages Mr. I-forget-to-drink-and-then-I-colic into sucking down water.)


drippy horse

Classically, this is the moment he turns to nuzzle me.


Water horse

Go ahead, Duncan. Just shove your face right in there.


deeply happy horse

Deeply happy horse sucking oats between his teeth. Win!

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5 Responses to DuncanHorse: Exterior Decoratorating Specialist

  1. Elizabeth says:

    One of Illusion’s tricks is to suck up water and hold some in his mouth–not dribbling–until he puts his muzzle on a female front and then gives you a wet T-shirt. Worth mentioning he only does this to women, and will do it to any woman foolish enough to come near while he’s drinking. It is NOT accidental. He learned it before I got him, at the horse farm/ dressage stable where there were lots of women horse owners & riders & help. He aims right for the cleavage.

  2. Doranna says:

    Oh, yes–Duncan knows that exact trick. Except he’s not particular about cleavage; he’s happy to slop you anywhere. Do NOT stand close to him while he’s drinking, and NO he’s not done and NO he hasn’t swallowed that last gulp, I promise…

  3. Patty says:

    I laughed out loud at teh tubs, the tongue and his face submarined in the bucket!
    Had a horse that rolled in a stream one time and he put his head completely under the water. He got water in his ears, and so went around for a good while afterwards with his ears cocked funny, I guess due to the swishing sounds in his head!

  4. kyahgirl says:

    Smug is a good look for him. How does he manage to look so innocent yet so very pleased with himself? What a character 🙂

    • Doranna says:

      I don’t know how he does it, but he totally has the knack!

      Patty, I’ve been on horses who thought to try the “roll in the stream” trick, though Duncan’s never had the chance. It was all I could do to keep from big guffaws at his submarining–but he never would have forgiven me, so I bit my lip and took pictures instead!

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