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Snippety: Wolf Hunt

posted on Wednesday Not all that far into Sentinels: Wolf Hunt…. Jet has been trained by the Sentinels’ dark counterparts for one mission: To take down Nick Carter.  Everything she’s been told in preparation has come through that Atrum Core … Continue reading

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Snippety: Wolf Hunt

posted on Wednesday And look! It’s another snippet! Rounding out the first chapter of Sentinels: Wolf Hunt…. =============== A nudge of her long muzzle and refined nose brought Nick’s head down; she commenced to cleaning his face–his eyes, his strong … Continue reading

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Dear Book Thieves:

posted on Friday It’s simple, really.  I know people try to make it complicated, but it’s not. If you want the books–the high caliber submitted-chosen- edited-professional books–to exist in the first place, you’ve got to contribute to the writers who … Continue reading

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The Product of Me

The Friday Post Look!  I’m a product! Sort of. And hey, not only am I a product, I have a monopoly on me. Oh, the shame! I never expected it. Truly. I thought I could just write my books. And … Continue reading

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The Wolves in Me

reposted from Harlequin’s Paranormal Romance Blog Ooh, boy. Wolves. Best shapeshifter fun ever, right? And here I am with not one, but two of them! And the best part about that (because it gets better, at least for the writing!) … Continue reading

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Hug a Book Day!

The Wednesday Post Midway through the Week of Move and it’s soooo easy to lose track of the fact that I’ve just had a book released. Well, maybe it seems that way.  But I haven’t lost track at all…in fact, … Continue reading

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Scrooge or Muse?

(first posted at agent Lucienne Diver’s blog) It always happens this time of year–everyone one does it. The little trade-offs to incorporate the holidays into our busy schedules. The decisions: what doesn’t get done so we can have the fun? … Continue reading

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The Whee Factor

First posted: Harlequin’s Paranormal Romance Blog, May ’09 Ending at the Beginning…. I had no awareness I was doing it that way, or I’m sure it wouldn’t have happened at all. I would have done it the sensible way, you … Continue reading

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