The Wolves in Me

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Wolf Hunt

Ooh, boy. Wolves. Best shapeshifter fun ever, right? And here I am with not one, but two of them!

And the best part about that (because it gets better, at least for the writing!) is, they’re coming from separate worlds.

Nick Carter is one of my Sentinels. He hails from Brevis Southwest–well, that’s putting it mildly. He pretty much runs Brevis Southwest, even though technically he doesn’t hold that position. But the fellow who does, the Brevis Consul, hasn’t been truly paying attention for a while now. He’d notice if he thought Nick was stepping into his shoes out of turn, of course…hoo boy, yes. Snort and bother, you can imagine.

This leaves Nick in a bit of a dicey situation–protecting his people without giving away the game. And all while there are darker things afoot. If you saw the first two Sentinel books, you already know that the field Sentinels have been tripping up over inexplicable little drop-outs in communication and loss of backup. In fact, one could say that I’ve made life very difficult for certain characters. (And, that because I’m evil, I enjoyed every moment of it.)

When it comes to shapeshifters, Sentinels make up Nick’s world–it’s what he knows. So maybe it’s understandable that when he meets Jet, he believes her to be one of his own. In most important ways, she in fact is. But in another, truly crucial way…she is nothing the same at all. She comes from a different world; different understandings. Different foundations behind her decisions, her reactions, and what drives her life. Different beings.

So here’s Nick–a man driven to excel, and driven to responsibility, and driven in so many ways to hide what he is. I won’t use the word “repressed.” I think that’s so ugly, don’t you? Besides, he’s not, really. Just ask Marlee Cerrosa, who works IT at the Tucson Brevis HQ and whose hair stands on end every time Nick walks into the room. (If you want to talk repressed, though, we could take a good look at Marlee…)

No, Nick’s just got priorities. Hiding who he is, that’s one of them. It has to be–if he didn’t make some effort to do it, the otherness of his nature would draw far too much attention. If he hadn’t learned to think of Brevis first–his people first–he wouldn’t have kept the region intact in spite of the constant nibble of damage coming from within the system.

Then again, there’s such a thing as going too far.

black wolfBut ahhh…Jet. Jet doesn’t question who she is. She doesn’t try to hide it. She doesn’t second-guess her instincts. There’s so much about the situation she now faces that she doesn’t understand, but she doesn’t fret about what she doesn’t know or what she can’t change. Jet is a woman driven to survive–and so very well-equipped to do just that. And Jet is a woman who knows what–and who–she wants.

And the thing they have most in common? That would be each other. Whether they know it or not.

Okay, that was the best shapeshifter fun ever.

PS Also, please to notice, best dramatic paranormal guy cover pose double ever.

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