Snippety: Wolf Hunt

posted on Wednesday

Wolf HuntNot all that far into Sentinels: Wolf Hunt….

Jet has been trained by the Sentinels’ dark counterparts for one mission: To take down Nick Carter. ¬†Everything she’s been told in preparation has come through that Atrum Core filter. ¬†But Jet can think for herself, and she has the strength to do just that.

(Have I mentioned how much I enjoyed writing Jet?)


Quite suddenly she bent over, laying her face against his–nuzzling him ever so slightly. Just as suddenly, she straightened again. “I think he lies,” she said. “He will do to my pack what suits him, no matter what I bring him.” A gentle lift of his head and a flick of her hand, and she removed the amulet thong. “No more do I heed him. You, I help. And my pack…I save on my own.”Instantly, breathing seemed natural again. And if his body shuddered with waves of flame and ice, he nonetheless had his growl back.

She gave a little laugh, laying her head against his for a long, long moment. “Good,” she said. “That suits you. Now be the human again, and take yourself away from here. Gausto will not wait long before he comes for us.”

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4 Responses to Snippety: Wolf Hunt

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, yes, yes, yes….

  2. Doranna says:

    *dance of glee*

  3. Lola Allen says:

    i was just wondering if any of you guys have a first hand experience about Paranormal in real life.`**

  4. Doranna says:

    It would be fun to hear from everyone about that!

    I’ve experienced some profound things for which I have no explanation, certainly. But in some ways it seems a very personal thing.

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