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Wolf HuntThe Wednesday Post

Midway through the Week of Move and it’s soooo easy to lose track of the fact that I’ve just had a book released.

Well, maybe it seems that way.  But I haven’t lost track at all…in fact, I hug it to myself on a daily basis!  I just haven’t found many moments to talk about it.  I haven’t even put up my nifty review quotes!  Too busy moving the barn (it’s just about done, at the new homeplace), making arrangements to overcome the truly astounding mud of new construction in delicate sandy-clay soil, and oh my yes…you knew “p@ck” was a four-letter word, right?

But Wolf Hunt is here, the third book of the Nocturne Sentinel series and the fourth Sentinels story (because hey, you gotta count Wild Thing, the Nocturne Bite!)  And here are some of those review quotes, because yes, they are made of happy.

“Strong characterization…  Meticulous details and original ideas… WOLF HUNT is a spellbinding combination of supernatural magic, emotional passions and perilous danger.” –, 5 Stars

“Durgin returns to the world of the Sentinels and the evil Atrum Core with a novel that nicely moves the story along. Her characters are particularly well drawn. Nick is clearly an alpha male, and Jet comes across as strong and determined in spite of her insecurities.” — Romantic Times, 4 Stars

Have you hugged a book today?  No?  Then go for it!

Counting Down: Fifteen more days of strict crate rest for ConneryBeagle!  Today he convinced me to play a simple stationary game of take-the-dumbbell and was most pleased with himself.

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2 Responses to Hug a Book Day!

  1. Joan Woods says:

    I hugged a book today as I do every day. I wake up reading and go to bed reading. Your Noturne Sentinel Series sounds like one I would enjoy reading.

    • Doranna says:

      Go to bed reading and wake up reading–now that’s the way to do it! I go to bed reading, but don’t have a wake up reading kind of brain. My muse reserves those hours for herself! ;>

      I hope if you find the Sentinels, you do enjoy!

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