Barn Help

By Patty Wilber

You know you’ve got it made when you have 24 hour barn help (even if they are dogs)!

Coulson: hurry up mom! the sun is up, me and lani have been out and back in and you are not on a horse yet! Me, mumbling: Need coffee…

Lani: ok! she is on the move. today we will lay in the arena for every horse. Coulson: great! everything is great!

Coulson: lani? lani! are u sleeping? sandy’s ears r pointing right at me! what should i do? Lani: close your eyes! if u can’t see them, they can’t see u! Coulson: really? that doesn’t quite make sense…

Lani: coulson, it could be a false alarm, but I think she is coming out with another horse. Coulson: what!? i was resting my eyes!

Lani: THIS is how u rest ur eyes!  Cometa (the horse): well if u are going to nap, so am i!  (Mary Ann had other ideas for Cometa!).

Coulson: what do u mean we are in ur way, again, mom?

Couslon: I have been doing this all day. it is hot. i can barely stand up. i would get under the truck if it were not too much trouble! Indy (the horse): well, at least u don’t have to run around the arena and sweat a lot! (but i did do a flying lead change today!)

I get a big kick out of the doggy duo.

Happy Friday!



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Here's the skinny: I have a thing for horses. They make sense to me. I have a small horse training business (it's a "boutique" training business, not because it's super fancy, but because the horses get a lot of personal attention). I also go by Dr. Wilber, and teach biology full-time at a Central New Mexico Community college.
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2 Responses to Barn Help

  1. EMoonTX says:

    If you’re trotting over poles, will they move if you holler at them?

    • Patty says:

      Usually, but some of the horses then think maybe they should go for the dogs instead of the poles. LOL. Coulson is the worst if I am lunging a horse that is acting silly. He thinks he should intervene. Other than that they usually move or go to the edge!

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