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In Yer Face!

by Doranna Yes, I’m back with another blog, just this soon! In yer face! *ahem* It’s a beautiful fall afternoon, and I am, for the moment, still Lyme-functional.  Not only that, I have a book out!  Among a zillion other … Continue reading

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Rena Beagle’s Big Adventure

by Doranna “Hold on there!” the astute among you will say.  “Rena Beagle is a girl name.  And you have two boy Beagles.” Yes.  And now they have a girl Beagle. (Or she has them.  As I suspect the case … Continue reading

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Covers Covers Covers!

See, I’m so excited I’m incomprehensible. COVERS COVERS COVERS! In the spring, I finally regained the rights to Dun Lady’s Jess, and rubbed my hands in glee–finally, I can get the series out in backlist! I immediately started work on … Continue reading

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A Bear and his Cover

Every once in a while, publishers tell authors what’s going on. Things like shifting publishing dates, changing word count expectations, and radically changed deadlines. But not usually. So I wasn’t really surprised when I was bopping around B&N the other … Continue reading

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My research muse is named Spike.  You may have met him before.  He pops up in public every now and then. Spike is a strong-willed being.  Spike sometimes takes over in the middle of research, demanding to know more…and more..and … Continue reading

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GoodReads Book Giveaway

 Well, there’s not much more to say than this…go for it! Goodreads Book Giveaway Sentinels by Doranna Durgin Giveaway ends July 23, 2012. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter to win   PS With apologies, the giveaway is limited … Continue reading

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In Which JESS Comes Home

Once Upon a Time, there was a book called Dun Lady’s Jess. My first book sale. Upon first publication, it won the award for best first SF/F/H of the year (The Compton Crook).  It stayed in print for a good … Continue reading

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Septic FAIL, Cat WIN

You wouldn’t think these things have much to do with one another, but last weekend… Actually, last weekend should have been all about an agility trial, and mostly it was–and it also deserves its own little chatter.  It is, however, … Continue reading

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Hold Your Hounds!

Because we’re crazy people, when Saturday morning came and it was snowing and cold and cold and snowing, we still got up at 0-dark-thirty and packed up the van and crawled out onto the roads to reach the next grand … Continue reading

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Bringin’ the Fun In

Dawn: So you’re like a good demon? Bringing the fun in? Actually, I make no promises about my evil authorly nature, because it is my job to do things like torture characters.  In fact, I’m currently rubbing my hands together … Continue reading

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