My research muse is named Spike.  You may have met him before.  He pops up in public every now and then.

Spike is a strong-willed being.  Spike sometimes takes over in the middle of research, demanding to know more…and more..and far, far more than I can ever slip into a book (or ever need to…).

But occasionally, we are in complete accord.

I’m currently developing the third Reckoners book.  There’s been some delay due to [publishing industry crapola blah blah blah].  I was lucky when I wrote the second book; I had just finished production on the first.  This time, the gap means that I have to do my research.

And that consists of re-reading the first two books and taking copious notes, because while I generally keep entire books in my head complete with nuances, details, and trivia, this time around there are two many books between them to call up those particular brain-files.

Let me say again: Spike demands that I reread the first two books, wallowing and immersing myself into the world and adventures of Garrie and Trevarr.

  Let the wailing commence!  Oh, WOE–THE AGONY!  Oh, WAIL–THE SADNESS OF ME!  Oh, SOB!  WHATEVER SHALL I DO!

*peeks out at you all*  Was that convincing?

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9 Responses to Researching…ME!

  1. Ruth says:

    Totally and completely convincing. I can feel the anguish from here. ::snicker::

  2. Peggy says:

    No, I sense JOY

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I think you overshot the mark a bit, and it became, um, less convincing.

    You should’ve concentrated on how hard Spike makes you work, and how painful it is, and less on having to re-read your own books.

  4. Sue Farrell says:

    I think you’re just enjoying “playing” with old friends again.

  5. Robert says:

    I would re read them for you, but I don’t do notes, please slave away quickly I am ready for another one.

  6. Patty says:

    Spike! LOL! Today is the perfect day to read due to the rare occurence of RAIN! Whoop.

  7. Doranna says:

    Well, I can see I have to work on my downtrodden nature. Bother. ;>

  8. Marilyn says:

    Uhm, I hate to say it, but that look from under the lashes was about as convincing as my ” Moi?” in INNOCENT tones which NO ONE ever buys!

    So, I’m not buying…. well, at least until you have the book available, that is!

  9. Doranna says:

    “Too many books between them.” Shoot, should I fix that, or just leave my goofiness out for the world to see?

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