My Christmas Gift from the Muse

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Wolf HuntWell, wrap me up in a neat little bow and call me happy!

On Monday, I mentioned that I’d finished Demon Blade over the weekend–a fact I’m so particularly pleased with because second draft is perfect to work over a move, while first draft…not so much.  And also because I came in under word count, which has been a challenge for me since last year’s illness.

What I didn’t mention is what was holding me up–I had planned to finish before the holiday weekend–and how that all resolved.  And lo, here it is unfolding before you, the conversation between the muse and I:

Dee: Muse, time is running short, and we’re not getting anywhere.

Muse: La la la don’t hear you.

Dee: Tick tick tick AURGH.

Muse: Stupid author.  Isn’t is obvious?  You don’t have it right yet.  Try again.

Dee: Muse, we’re halfway through the set-up to the Big Climactic Scene! Tick tick tick AURGH!!  Holidays!  Moving!  Deadline!

Muse: And duh, you’re not going in the right direction.  Try again.

Dee: Do you see my hair standing on end?!

Muse: *yawn*

Dee: It’s Christmas Eve!  *whimper*

[closets are emptied in flying object mode, pack pack pack, ride horse, do chores]
Laptop, fired up.
Word.  Delete.  Word.  Delete.  Word–

Dee: MUSE–!! *sob*

Muse: Oh, okay. PLOT BOMB!!!!

And thus the body of the book was done on Christmas Eve, leaving me to relax the following day…knowing I could easily wrap up the remaining two scenes before the end of the weekend afterward.

PLOT BOMB! Christmas gift from the muse!

(Hope you got some good ones, too!)

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