Housekeeping in a Virtual World

screenshot of headerPersonally, I think it’s bad enough that Real Life Housekeeping doesn’t stay kept.  It turns out the digital world is hardly any better!

One of my COVID-time focuses (aside from learning Korean, which is evidently going to take the rest of my life) has been tidying up decades of files.  Yes, decades, because I started this computing thing verrrry early (Atari, anyone?) and brought all my data files with me all along the way, including multiple external drive backups during emergencies.

(It turns out that reconciling those files is massive brain aerobics. The task remains elusively incomplete, for all the progress I’ve made.)

The online world has its own housekeeping.  Don’t ask me about my website.  I know, I know.  It’s not a responsive design.  Responsive design is my limit, and the need for it is why I eased out of 20+ years of pro webmastering a couple years ago.  I’ll figure something out, though.  Maybe next year?

And then there’s the face of the blog.  The theme I was using stopped updating a couple years ago, so…I knew this was coming.  The most recent server PHP update BROKE THINGS.

Therefore, those of you who are regulars* might notice yesterday’s big changes. Not that some of it wasn’t just tossed together–I mean, that header image is from my Feb ’21 Tracking Dog test with Lannie Beagle, and really, shouldn’t I put together something bookish instead?  The answer to that is obvious, but…someday.  Meanwhile the rest of it is cleaner and tighter and uses a robust theme that’s unlikely to stop updating.

*(Any regulars here are absolutely due to the most awesome Write Horse, as my blog muse went walkabout when I lost my parents so close together and just hasn’t quite made it back yet.  Not that they had anything to do with my blogging, but I guess there’s no telling what breaks with grief.)

And that leaves us where we are this morning!  A nice clean new look, and a whole batch of small broken things cleared out.  (Wow, the links on the book covers actually work now.)  Hope you all like it!

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My books are SF/F, mystery, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense. My dogs are Beagles, my home is the Southwest, and the horse wants a cookie!
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8 Responses to Housekeeping in a Virtual World

  1. Doranna says:

    And look, I am commenting to myself so I can test out the new comment options. Or sort of test them out, since I’m already signed in and don’t have to choose how to do that part…

  2. Kristina Forsyth says:

    Stupid phone back buttons always take you all the way back … This is my second attempt to comment. :). I am a pre Write Horse regular, and I do hope you return to blogging one day!

    • Doranna says:

      You are braver than I. I’m not a fan of doing anything on the phone.

      And I hope I do, too. There’s a lot about life that needs to sort itself out, it seems.

  3. Peggy Thompson says:

    I love it. Peggy

  4. Patty Wilber says:

    Yay! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! For fixing the broken stuff and giving my blog a place to live! Who knew I had it in me to write a blog every week for so many years? I don’t think I would have stuck with it without this home!

  5. Patty Wilber says:

    Yay! Thank. Thanks and THANKS! For fixing the broken stuff and giving my blog a home! Who knew that I could write a post every week for year?! I don’t think I would have stuck with it without your support. This may be a repeat post….did not seem to work on my first go round….

    • LOL! Yes, it did work the first time! Might be something about the new comments interface, or the need to refresh the page or something. We’ll figure it out! (Like, I have both comment plug-ins enabled right now and I get double notices. Eventually that will annoy me enough to do something about it.)

      I love your blogs so am glad this works out so well!

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