The Last Monday of the Year!

The Monday Post

Reckoners adIt’s a different kind of Monday this week…out of kilter, out of pattern, and full speed ahead!

(Okay, that last part…pretty much always that case.)

Coming off a holiday weekend of packing and moving stuff, it turns out that Demon Blade, the WIP,  is…well, it’s  DONE DONEDONE.  It’s time to dive right into second draft, of course–not to mention more packing, and wow,  I’m about to dismantle the stereo, so you know I really mean business!

This week, while I have some web work to tend, most of it is for little old me.  With books out in January and February, I’d darned well better get my act together, oh yes.

So this past weekend, I played with graphics.  It’s the best way I learn, because I’m on my own time–and by golly I’m not afraid to waste it!  And so, with “two-page” ads all the rage these days, I have made me one of those.  See it, over there, to the left?  Is it not so very pretty?  My very first shiny, annoying, two-page ad made by my very own self!

(I swear, the author banner I’m making for this same site will be a nice static little piece.)

Still, isn’t it fun?  Don’t you just get that same little thrill, looking at something you’ve put together from pieces of this and that, and finding the whole of it then sitting before you?

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6 Responses to The Last Monday of the Year!

  1. Lorraine says:


  2. Elizabeth says:

    What a gorgeous ad!

  3. Doranna says:

    Ooh! My art muse, she preens!

    (Oh my gosh, she is SUCH a needy little thing)

  4. KarenJG says:

    Love it! You know, that would make an awesome bookmark. Just sayin’


  5. Doranna says:

    Cool idea!

    I’d have to re-do some of it; because this is a web ad with a click-through, it doesn’t need to contain any contact info… Heh heh.

    But oh. I made it up at 72dpi, so…whew…I’d have to redo the whole thing from scratch to get a printable version. Er… *runs away*

  6. KarenJG says:

    Oh. Playing with graphics – fun. Doing the same one over – more on the tedious side of the scale. ::sigh::

    Oh well, postcards make good bookmarks too…

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