Tuckerizing Tanner

Lateness!  That’s what happens when the computer crashes and then your mind crashes and then it’s all about the first draft for Kodiak Chained anyway…

TannerIn any event.  Today’s surprising synchronicity of events are brought to you by Halfway Home Rescue, FoxAcre Press, and Tanner Dog.

Halfway Home Rescue recently held a fundraising auction to which I donated a couple of Dale & Sully books (Ahem, “Dale Kinsall Mysteries”) as well as pet a tuckerization or guest cameo in an upcoming work, with that exact work to be determined by…well, by the pet.

Tanner Dog is the winning young man.  As it turns out, Tanner is full of win.  He’s also a special young fellow who doesn’t seem to realize that he’s been partially paralyzed by a Human Behaving Badly–at least not to judge by the spunk he shows in his videos.

More about that later.  (Yes, I’m teasing you, but I promise more about Tanner in the future.)  Because what I’m all humming about today is not only the chance to help Tanner (because hey, as someone who put together a whole fundraising anthology for special needs ConneryBeagle, I know what it’s like to be in that position), but the coolness factor of how neatly Tanner will fit into the Dale & Sully story I have in the works–a little something fun to celebrate the new Foxacre trade paper and ebook editions of that series.

Just to pull all the pieces together as perfectly as possible, it happens that the first of those new editions isnow available on Kindle and Nook.  The other formats are coming along soon, but in the meantime, I get to say, “It’s a book again!”


Nose for Trouble

Foxacre Press

Kindle Edition
Nook Edition

PS Yes, that’s Dart Beagle
PPS Yes, I did the cover for Foxacre

And  I now have a very, very good reason to write up that new Dale & Sully story…


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3 Responses to Tuckerizing Tanner

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Tucker is a beautiful dog.

  2. Marilyn says:

    Tanner’s a brave hound — reminds me of the dogs at Dag’s House in the New Orleans area. Do we, perhaps, recognize the Beagle on the front of the new book?

  3. Doranna says:

    Tucker *is* quite a beautiful dog, isn’t he?

    And yes. Yes indeed, I would say you recognize that cover dog! I’ve been gleefully expanding my Photoshop skills since I put my first cover together, and FoxAcre took a look and hired me on for this one. 8) It was fun! And there’s even a back side to it!

    I haven’t decided whether using Dart is effective (it’s very hard to find stock photos of an appropriate Beagle) or indulgent. Maybe a little of both. ;> But he was still a very young man in that photo, which is appropriate to Sully’s age in the book, so…hey, it all worked out!

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