Doggy Douche

Belle Cardigan has an embarrassing situation. She asks me to whisper when I talk about it, and maybe I could use meaningfully directed gestures and widened eyes as possible.

You see, last year, she started having glitches in her girly parts.

Belle: *blush*

Poor little girl dogs–spaying can have consequences (yet another reason why I advocate thoughtful neuter/spay decisions).  In Belle’s case, very subtly so–in others, not so much.  But spay incontinence is something a lot of bitches face as they age–even girls spayed after maturity, as Belle was (due to her early career as a conformation show ring girl).

So it seems that Belle is a little leaky.

But because she is a princess, she leaks quite discreetly.  Barely.  Silently.  It just kind of hangs out in what’s left of the girly parts.

The girly parts don’t appreciate this much.

So, then comes the natural protective goop. (She would really like me to whisper now)

Belle: *mortification*

The goop is in response to inflammation, but it’s just not enough.  So then comes infection.  To spare Belle’s feelings, I won’t describe that part.

Belle: I don’t believe you.

Well, GREEN. That’s all I’ll say.

Belle: I knew it!

Having figured out what’s going on, Auntie Vet and I had a pow wow about how to manage things without having to wait until the antibiotics stage.  For one thing, we really don’t want to use antibiotics unnecessarily.  For another, we want it to be easier on her.

Doggy Douche

So, yes.  Here I am, doggy douche in hand. And from now on, at the very first sign of trouble, I’ll be on Doggy Douche Patrol (not a phrase I ever imagined saying before now), doing my best to keep what’s left of Belle’s private little girly parts happy.

And then I don’t have to whisper.

Belle: Shhh!!

PS Bonus Pic of the week

Flying Beagles

How artsie is this? The somewhat more distinct dog blob is Connery. The flying blur of motion is Dart Beagle. Of course.


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2 Responses to Doggy Douche

  1. Ruth says:

    Look at that blur!

    Poor Belle. I can see how she’d be totally mortified.

  2. Doranna says:

    Indeed, it is very important to be perfect when you’re Belle. 8)

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