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So the first thing I saw after the movers arrived was my refrigerator rolling…


… off the back of truck.

Well, maybe I should start at the beginning.

I started off the big relocation by taking out the dogs and horse a day early and spending the night in the unfurnished house.

No fridge?  No problem.  That cold snap was sweeping the nation–my fridge was the great outdoors.  In fact, my deep freezer was the great outdoors.

Our little wood pellet stove tried very hard to keep the great indoors from being my deep freezer, too, but it was severely handicapped by my extensive experience with basic old-timey wood stoves–all my instincts are wrong!  We do have a furnace to back it up, but I’m still learning how to balance the two.

So I spent the night/morning dealing with unsettled animals, and along about mid-day the movers arrived.  They wasted no time getting things ready to go–so that was when I opened the back door to the sight of my refrigerator rolling toward certain doom from a five-foot truck platform.

I believe I squeaked.  Or something.  And the nearest moving guy’s eyes bugged out, and he threw himself at the fridge in a near-sacrificial way and saved the day.  And I then said, with much dignity:

“I’m going back inside now.”

If anything else almost fell, I didn’t see it.

Hours of chaos later, the moving guys eventually hooked up the icemaker to said fridge–and boy you gotta know how I go through ice–proudly indicated the lack of leak, and then left before anyone realized the fridge wasn’t actually running and the water supply hadn’t actually been turned on.  And once we turned it on …

Ahhhh! Turn it off!  Turn it OFF!

Oh yes, leaks.  Persistent leaks.  Crazy-making, GIVE ME THE TEFLON TAPE NOW leaks.

But lo!   Persistent people, too!  Grunt, swear, curse, repeat, repeat, repeat, and the leaks were fixed!  And yet…

The fridge wasn’t running.

Oh, we were very tired by then.  But being clever, we eventually tried a second outlet.  No joy.  But being especially clever, we thought to check the outlets themselves.


One hundred feet of coiled heavy-duty outdoor extension cord running across the kitchen later (hey, you work with what you’ve got, right?) and lo! The fridge was running after all!

Still being clever as we pondered those two dud outlets, we went hunting GFIs.  We crawled behind boxes, we reset GFIs, we headed for the circuit box and flipped every breaker not once but twice.

Finally, we muttered darkly and put a call into the builder, and my sister (the resourceful person from the previous post) went home.

And then around midnight, the phone rang.  “Hey,” she says.  “Wasn’t there an outlet hidden at the back of the pantry cabinet?”

And lo.  Behind the door, behind the roll-out drawer, an outlet.  A GFI outlet.

The GFI outlet.

Fridge.  Power.  Non-leaking icemaker line.

And it was good. Right there around midnight.

The thing is, we have two fridges.  One is merely old and the other is ancient; both are modest beasts.  We don’t need two–but neither quite does the job on its own, so until we can sort out something better, this is it. It’s a merging-households situation.

And now the old one is suddenly no longer cooling the food.  Oh, the freezer is working great!  But the fridge part…maybe not so much.

Well, it’s still winter out there..!

(Don’t appliances always just know–?)

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11 Responses to Chill, Baby

  1. Lorraine says:

    Gulp. The joys of moving. I think I’ll stay put.

  2. Doranna says:

    Oh! I forgot to say!

    Crate Countdown! Eleven more days!

  3. Robert says:

    My undergraduate philosophy professor spent two class periods lecturing on the perversity of inanimate objects. They are all in a conspiracy against mankind. How else would these appliances know when was the least convenient time for them to die.


  4. Elizabeth says:

    Good going on the right amount of *squeak* at the moment when the guy could accomplish something with the sacrificial lunge. Hurray for you. And going back inside was exactly the right thing to do.

    Good vibes still headed your way.

  5. Kristine says:

    Don’t appliances always just know–?


    And YEA! on the Crate Countdown! May the days pass quickly for Connery Beagle!

    • Doranna says:

      Kris, I don’t know if Connery thinks the days are going quickly, but I’m sure glad to see us more than halfway there…

      Today we did some heeling in the hallway. He was *so* happy to play his games! Not so happy to go back in the crate, not even with Mr. Cow Hoofie.

  6. Tori Lennox says:

    What a freaky weird place to put an outlet! Glad you got it all sorted out. 🙂

  7. Doranna says:

    It *is* a bit strange. And we knew it was there…once upon a time. Before it got covered up and all these other things happened in between. Obviously, or my sister couldn’t have remembered it! (Thank goodness for that!)

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