I have Internet Access, Therefore I Am

The Monday Post

ArroyoNet HomeAnd almost, I am not posting.

Because yes, we moved over the weekend. Fraught with the usual hair-raising fun that I will admire out loud as soon as I manage to get the hay stall door open so I can feed the horse. That could take a while, it seems. Not. Quite. Right.


But first, the Internet access. So this was us several months ago, calling the cable company (which shall remain nameless except maybe for the great big honkin’ clue).

Us: Cable People! We would like hookup. We’re calling way ahead because it’s new construction.

Cable People: Okay, how about we come out the day you’re moving in?

Us: Let’s do it in the morning before the movers arrive. But don’t you need to work further ahead than that, because it’s new construction?

Cable People: Nope, you’re ready to go. Saturday morning, you say? w00t. It shall be so.

…Saturday Morning: A certain someone gets up very early after settling newly moved horse and dogs late into the night, and commences to wait.


Us: Cable people–??

Cable People: You’re scheduled for the afternoon, didn’t you know?

Us: Gosh, that is very unpleasant.

…eventually, Cable Guy arrives in midst of movers…

Cable Guy: Oh, hey, I can’t hook you up for cable. This is new construction.

…pause during which yrs truly did not swear. not once. ever.

Cable Guy: It’ll take two weeks to get you hooked up. Or so. Or whenever we feel like doing it, really.

…Web clients on hold since the holidays for this move. Critical behind-the-scenes book stuff in play right now. Stress shedding, COMMENCE! (Very much like Miss Belle Cardigan at the moment.)

Enter stage right, my endlessly resourceful sister. And her friend, the Albuquerque Wireless Wizard. I am assured–and I believe it–that no one else in this city could have done what he did yesterday–nevermind on the spur of the moment, all necessary equipment in hand.

Because I am now, than you very much, coming to you courtesy of:


A half-mile high-power wi-fi bridge from my sister’s house  (over the arroyo and through the woods)!

This connection is called ArroyoNet (and secretly called UpYoursDumbcast*). It comes from omni-directional antenna on my sister’s roof to a pole-mounted receiving antenna attached to the horse fence outside my office, and then cables in under the office door on power-over-Ethernet, hits our local router and beams wirelessly through our house.

So it goes from street cable to local wired network to long-distance beam-me-up-scotty wireless to another local wired network to a wireless network and are we tired yet?

And just for kicks, since we use Vonage for our phone, we now also have our heretofore missing landline!

We hope it’ll stay stable until the cable company gets its act together, but so far it’s performing far above expectations. Not to mention far above the cable company’s turn-out.


Cable company FAIL.

Albuquerque Wireless Wizard WIN!

Crate Countdown:  Eleven more days of confinement for ConneryBeagle!

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20 Responses to I have Internet Access, Therefore I Am

  1. Peggy says:

    I don’t know whether to be appalled at the cable co. phone person, (that is assuming it was a person, not a bit of cactus that blew in and got caught on the phone) or amazed by the talent of wireless wizard, course that is what wizards do. Glad you’re connected

  2. Elizabeth says:

    WOWZA! Glad to hear from you, glad you had Wireless Wizard, wondering if staying with Wireless Wizard might not be a permanent improvement over Clueless Cable.

    • Doranna says:


      It’s tempting, isn’t it? But I gather it’s not optimal. I haven’t absorbed the details–my head is still spinning pretty hard, so I was just so grateful for Wireless Wizard’s magic be it short term or long. (And of course the gear is currently borrowed, although presumably that could be dealt with.)

  3. Tom Hise says:

    I like it when a clever person out-performs a Big Business like this. A half mile is darn good range. I thought I was lucky getting a quarter mile with my setup.

    Hope all other moving problems will be solve and you settle in easily.

    • Doranna says:


      My sister and Wireless Wizard GPS’d the distance to be sure–how fun is that? (With the added bonus that we now know how far apart our homes are as the crow flies…). I gather (and I may not use exactly correct terms here) that the best hope was for a ping in double-digits, and we’re getting single digits reliably. Hee hee!

      I wonder, do you use your wireless set-up as a permanent thing?

  4. Tori Lennox says:

    It’s too bad you can’t ditch Clueless Cable altogether. But yay for Wireless Wizard!!!!

  5. Doranna says:

    Tori, it would be very satisfying to ditch Clueless Cable altogether. What this would have cost me had not my sister & Wireless Wizard magicked up this solution, I don’t even want to consider.

    Can you imagine? He had all the gear right on hand!

  6. Tom Hise says:


    We have DSL for the main internet connection but I set up my WiFi specifically to provide a network connection to my observatory which is quite a ways from the house. Once it was working I wandered around the area with my laptop and found I could get a reliable signal out to about 1500 feet.

    It is a permanent setup but it is shut down at the moment because my telescope has a problem and I am not using the observatory until it is repaired.

  7. Doranna says:

    Oh, the observatory! How neat!

  8. DitN says:

    That is like so cool. Boo and hiss to the Cable Co! All hail to the Sister, the Wireless Wizard, and the wonders of technology!

  9. Doranna says:

    As Tom said…clever person(s) out-performing Big Business. Go, them! 8)

  10. Wireless Wizard says:


    I’m glad it’s all working great. I gotta admit, the whole thing ended up much better than I expected but I had a lot of fun setting everything up. I’m also not in any hurry to get the equipment back, only for it to sit in the garage for another future experiment. However, I think a real connection is the right way to go.

    I can’t believe you’re running VoIP over the link. Wow.

    • Doranna says:

      *faint* It’s the Wizard! All hail!

      Yup, I made phone calls this AM. Perfectly clear connection!

      Clueless Cable expresses contrition and told us they were digging in the new cable this afternoon. I suppose they thought, since they were talking to the one of us who works away from the house, that there was no one at home to see that nothing was happening. (wrong!) Although surely they expected this to be clear by the end of the day..?

  11. DitN says:

    Date display: does anybody else see the timestamps on comments expressed as, say, “1001.11”? I am pretty sure this means 2010-01-11, but that seems a kind of weird format.

  12. Doranna says:

    *gasp* You don’t recognize a Stardate?

  13. DitN says:

    Obviously not…

  14. Doranna says:

    Oh woe, for I am a hopeless Classic Trek geek…

  15. Kevin says:

    And that is why we love you… 😉 Good work done by the Fly By Night engineering team. Tell the sister I’m impressed.

    • Doranna says:

      It’s still working a charm–we’re pretty much constantly giggling with glee. We’ve got weather coming in, though, so we’ll see what happens with that.

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