Haiku Suprise

By Patty Wilber

Last weekend we flew to Seattle and drove to Eastern Washington for my brother’s wedding. A side bennie was that Jim’s sister lives in Eastern Washington, too, so we also got to visit with Joanie and Tim!

We spent our time time gabbing and eating and apparently little time on pictures, so we will just have to go with words. Gasp. Or…

Yes!  That’s it!  Internet pictures!

chelan butte

Joanie and Tim live in Chelan, across the Columbia River Gorge from the Butte. Click this to go to the geocaching link.

Eastern Washington is apple country, and right now the Honey Crisps are coming in. (Apparently, if one lives in apple country, you know the order of the harvest…Maybe Fujis are next…I forget.)  The area is also big for cherries (but only for a month: mid-June to mid-July).

If a person wants to pick fruit for money, apparently cherries are a good choice.  A good picker can make –crud I forget what Tim (he works in the fruit business) said–400? dollars a day. Ok. I checked.  Tim says three hundred, working from 5 am to 11 am.  Pickers make $60 per bin and a filled bin weighs 300 pounds. To make that $300 you’d have to fill five bins (1500 pounds of cherries).  The season is only a month, and I guess you could work every day– cherries don’t stop ripening on weekends–so, you could make $9000. Of course you’d have died of exhaustion on day 21, so how about 27 days out of 30 for 8100?

Apples are not as lucrative–$200 for a full day.  You can make $20-30 per 700-800 pound bin. And thin skinned apples like golden delicious are harder because they bruise easily and have to be handled more gently. The apple season lasts  two and a half months…75 days. If one could work 68 days at 200/day, that is 13,000.

Guess what?  Today’s typical Americans can’t work that hard.  They usually last one day. You can muse on that without me.

The WA landscape is pretty dry, so I looked up average precipitation on the National Weather Service site (the values on sites varied a ridiculous amount, so decided to go with something with reliable long term data) and found that Chelan, WA where Joanie and Tim live, gets about  11 inches per year.  Tijeras, NM, where we live, gets about 15 inches and Winthrop, WA (where the wedding took place, approximately) gets about 14.  Albuquerque, 1500 feet lower and west of us a little, gets about nine. In Tijeras, most of our precip. falls during the monsoons (July, August and September).  In WA, it falls as snow Nov.-Jan.

Those might be fruit trees!

Those might be fruit trees! Click to go to site.

Washington has quite a water advantage over NM.  That winter snow feeds big rivers (like the Columbia) that supply a tremendous amount of the wet stuff for irrigation.


So, I think I mentioned a wedding!  My brother Mike and the lovely Tina got married (YAY!) on a ranch outside of Winthrop, WA.  The main house had a yard with apple trees and lots of lawn, irrigated from a private creek. ( A private creek would be nice!)

Lawn and trees! Mike and Tina at the rehearsal.

Lawn and trees! Mike and Tina at the rehearsal.

My sister and I did a reading by Kahlil Gibran in the ceremony, so I asked my spousal unit to hold the camera.  Which he literally did–no pictures.(!)

But he did get some afterwards.

Tina and Mike!

Tina and Mike!

During the wedding itself, the celebrant, Johanna (pronounced Yohanna) sprung the “Haiku Surprise” and several friends cited haikus. I was very taken with that!

A haiku has 17 syllables in three lines: 5 in the first line, 7 in the second and 5 in the third.

Mike married Tina, yay!
Friends and family all came
Love, place: beautiful

Of course, we could just skip the clean simplicity of the Haiku and head right for the gutter provided by the limerick!

There once was a guy named Mike
Who took his sweet bride for a hike
He found a nice tree
under which to make three
And if that worked we’d all be like psyched!

It was a wonderful wedding, great to see the Scrunchie Faced* fam, Joanie and Tim and have an exciting get away trip!


*Scrunchie Face is our family name for modified Celebrities, a game that combines, Taboo, charades and memory skills.  To get complete instructions on Celebrities, click here. We have modified the game from names like, oh, Kahlil Gibran or Jack Reacher to include phrases such as ” Mike married Tina!”  or “Horses are the best” to allow us to make a game that includes the events of the family get together!

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  1. Doranna says:

    Hee! What a fun blog! Sounds like a fun family, too. 8)

  2. Johanna Hartwig says:

    Love the poems–both will make it in the book! : )

    • Patty says:

      Thanks. I personally favor the limerick. You did a wonderful job on the wedding!

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