That Hooded Man

by Doranna

You may or may not have seen discussion of the recent hooded man phenomenon…there’s been some conversation.  Like here.  And here.  And just try googling “hooded man book covers” in Google images!

Well, now I have one of my very own.  Though I just want to say, it’s not my fault.

I swear, nowhere along the line did I suggest that Devin should wear some sort of…


With a spiffy black stripe down the center?  And is that a…zipper?

Don’t worry.  He doesn’t wear it in the book.  In the book, he’s rocking a leather jacket.  One that fits him, even.

And he’s rocking a demon blade, too, which makes everything more interesting than it really probably ought to be (which as far as my muse is concerned, is exactly how it ought to be).

But hey!  In years hence, I can say I was part of the great Hooded Man Craze Phenomenon!  And hey, when push comes to shove, Natalie and Devin look like they’re facing something just a little bit bigger than they are…and they’re facing it together.  Works for me!


Miniseries: Demon Blade
Harlequin Nocturne (#160)
May 7, 2013
ISBN-10: 0373885709
ISBN-13: 9780373885701

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Their passion threatens her life and his tortured soul…

Devin James wields a demon blade. Or does the demon blade wield him? The bond between man and steel is soul deep, the source of Devin’s power and an ever-present torment. Struggling against the evil forged within the blade, Devin patrols the dark streets of Albuquerque, searching for innocents to rescue. That’s how he finds Natalie Chambers….

Natalie is sure that helping Devin is another in a long series of very bad decisions, but she can’t abandon the man who saved her life—a man who believes that the demon blade might turn him into a monster. She is powerless to resist their fierce attraction.

But love is their only chance at salvation. Can they now find the faith to take that chance? And can they keep the demon blade from the man who would destroy them both?

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My books are SF/F, mystery, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense. My dogs are Beagles, my home is the Southwest, and the horse wants a cookie!
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6 Responses to That Hooded Man

  1. Patty says:

    Hooded men! Who knew?

  2. Marni Leigh says:

    My theory is the artist’s mom knitted him or her a monstrosity like this for Christmas, and then wanted to know when it would show up in a piece of art. Well…something like that.

  3. Ruth says:

    Ooh! Birthday book! (Assuming it’s in stores here the day it’s supposed to be.)

    • Doranna says:

      Ooh! A birthday! 8) From far in advance, may it be a good one!

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