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The Camel Nose Effect

by Doranna This is totally not the same as the camel toe effect.  Don’t even go there. This is what happens on a Friday when one wakes up hoping to ride, and encounters this particular weather (and a Lyme Head … Continue reading

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First BCHTraining Ride, 2012

By Patty Wilber Last Saturday was the first Back Country Horsemen, Pecos Chapter, training ride for 2012.  I have been really busy teaching and riding my client horses.  I haven’t had too much time for T and Penny.  JD could … Continue reading

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One Sunday Morning, with Dog


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The Yearly Knuckle-Gnawing

Mother Nature has been taunting me this week. You see, it’s weather-watching time, as TD Sunday approaches.  (Yup, I’m writing this on Saturday.  Sunday will be…busy.) There are those of you out there who probably think this is some oblique … Continue reading

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Beagles, Horse, Snow, and Tracking…the Happies

It’s 10am Christmas morning, which is a whole lot later than this day started.  Not because I have eager kids in the house, but because today was my chance to run a certification track with Dart Beagle. In order to … Continue reading

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Rode Hard and Put up Wet

By Patty Wilber Horse care after hard riding in cold weather. That was the blog plan anyway. But then I went to the ranch last weekend, and it rained while we rode the horses in. It rained over night.  It … Continue reading

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Blown Away!

WIND.  Agility.  WIND.  Cold.  WIND. WIND WIND WIIIIIIIND. Every once in a while, a trial comes along that turns into a defining mark. “Remember that trial when…?” Remember that trial when Friday’s 45mph gusts turned into Saturday’s day-long 60mph wind … Continue reading

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It’s Tease Season

Yes, that’s right.  The days are longer, the days flirt with surprising spring temps, the ground grows achingly dry, and it’s all just a great big TEASE. Dart is completely convinced. Duncan is completely convinced. Never mind those singing birdies, … Continue reading

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In Defiance of Chaos

It’s Thursday the 3rd as I write this; I’m heading east toward Clovis, NM.  The temperature has just (finally) broken 0*F, and there’s sunshine streaming into the van.  There’s a three-dog cuddle-pile in the crate.  The highway is covered with … Continue reading

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The Perils of Horse-Keeping or All Hail Breaks Loose

Patty Wilber The northern sky was looming over the ridge in a  thick smoky-black cloud. Still, I took Winston to the round pen to show him to some potential buyers. Figured we could beat the rain. Winston–all the horses actually–were high energy and anxious.  … Continue reading

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