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The Genre Gap

…Monday Yes! It’s true! I have a genre auto-adjust function in my brain! And it comes in REALLY handy. Because everything I write, I also read. (I mean…duh, right?) And without the auto-adjust, there might be some ugly genre gap … Continue reading

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Snippeting: Wild Thing

Oh, a Wild Thing snippet! I had such a good time with this one–short and fast, and since I had already written the first two Sentinel books before tackling this prequel (prequelette?), it was vast fun to write. I already … Continue reading

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Giving Good… Review

posted on Wednesday I know, I know.  You thought I was going to say “giving good–”  Well, something else. And someone has, I’m sure–in some other blog… This one actually is about good reviews. But ho! It’s a trick! Because … Continue reading

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Told You it was Here Somewhere

Here’s the Wandering Contest Entry Form from my Webstead, bravely ambulating over for a visit to the blog. In honor of your persistence, here’s a chance to win a free book! Send along your email and you’re automagically signed up. … Continue reading

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