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Handling the Handlers

by Doranna Dear AKC:  This one’s for you.   (A Dog Agility Blog Event: Improving Agility Organizations: I’m not picking on the AKC–it happens to be the agility venue in which I primarily participate.  Being active in agility, obedience, rally, … Continue reading

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Dear Amazon Authors Whose Books I Reviewed

by Doranna The very nice thing about taking the blog off the M/W schedule is that if I feel like posting something oddball, I can. Like this. No doggie pics, no videos, just a bit of cold wrath. It goes … Continue reading

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I am a Flake!

by Doranna No, not THAT kind of flake. Well, I guess…yes, that kind of flake.  Sometimes.  But that’s not what I’m talking about this time.  I’m talking about software for writers. Because what’s better than finding software that gives you … Continue reading

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Property Lines are Your Friends

by Doranna Or, how I spent my summer vacation. Or, since I didn’t have a summer vacation, how I spent my weekend. We live in a rugged area of the Sandia Mountain foothills, in a bowl that’s surrounded by a … Continue reading

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Completionist Woman Opts Out

Yes, I am one of those.  Are you? If I start reading a book, I feel compelled to finish it.  If I start a series…yeah, that too.  The same goes for writing a book…working on goals…getting things done. My critter … Continue reading

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DuncanHorse, Vaccines, and Enough is Enough

Enough is MORE than enough. I have a dog whose life changed after his final puppy shots (ConneryBeagle).  It started immediately, but it took us a while to understand the full ramifications…the autoimmune issues leading up to his third year, … Continue reading

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The Beagle, the Border Collie, and the Idiot

You, sir, are neither a scholar nor a gentleman. That’s what I say.  What ConneryBeagle has to say is more to the point: ConneryBeagle: BAWHFUL! Each weekend we can, we go tracking with a friend and her Papillion and her … Continue reading

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Finally, A Fish

Do you like fish? Seafood? Lobster and sushi and oysters and crab squid and octopus and heck yes, freshwater fish? I don’t. I really don’t. GET AWAY FROM ME WITH THAT THING. Which is kinda sad, as there’s the whole … Continue reading

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Keep Your Cheese Off the Teeter

Doesn’t sound like a life philosophy, does it? Well, surprise! Here’s the thing.  In agility, there are contact obstacles (A-Frame, Dogwalk, Teeter…).  And there are safety-oriented performance criteria for these obstacles:  The dog has to put at least one foot … Continue reading

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Begone, Hello & Beagle!

As far as I’m concerned, 2011 can go take a flying leap. (No, I am NOT going to make nice!) Any year that holds so much crap deserves to begone.  We had the endless sick for ConneryBeagle including repercussions from … Continue reading

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