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Beagles, Horse, Snow, and Tracking…the Happies

It’s 10am Christmas morning, which is a whole lot later than this day started.  Not because I have eager kids in the house, but because today was my chance to run a certification track with Dart Beagle. In order to … Continue reading

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Litterbox Love

DuncanHorse is not going to appreciate this blog. Duncan: Litterbox!  I heard that! When I moved here, I had a mighty geology/climate lesson.  Because when I lived in Flagstaff at 7,ooo feet, I was on caliche ground and natural volcanic … Continue reading

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Freakish Coolness Continues

The Freakishly Cool things of the day: I found Jim Croce on iTunes. I am replete. DuncanHorse is strong enough after his illness, the ground firm enough, and the weather nice enough so we went arroyo-hopping this weekend. The Backlist … Continue reading

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The World in Focus

It’s a good thing we tried for more photos the second night of Dart’s introduction to the new concept of “leave your dinner in order to get your dinner” training, because by the third night, he started to put the … Continue reading

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Insert Cute Dog Photo Here

I had a whole post of Dart’s rally pictures and happy little plans to make happy little chatter about the rally fun match the previous weekend  and this past weekend, our first UKI trial starring Dart (Connery is on the … Continue reading

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Size Matters

Well, INCHES matter. One inch, said the weather critters of the impending snow. Three if over 7500′ altitude (we’re just below 7000′). Fifteen inches later… Snow means a waterpack on the mountains, and good slow water soaking into the sucked-bone … Continue reading

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The Things You’ll Wish You Didn’t Know About Flies

Probably there are a whole lot of things you’re happy not to know about flies and their little fly babies. Oh, I wish was you. It hasn’t been bad here this year, really–not compared to the valley last year when … Continue reading

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The Call of the Wannit

…Monday Or, in Duncan’s case, the call of the modest fenced pasture. He. Wants. It. Duncan loves his pasture. Doesn’t matter how scarce those grass blades or how studded with prickly pear. He has a south flat shared with agility … Continue reading

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Horses Do Stupid Things in the Cold Damp Dark

…Friday Sequel to The Horse in the Cold Wet Dark We’ve had some…interesting…weather lately, that’s for sure. Enough to try the patience of DuncanHorse, who found himself closed in the paddock and denied his time under saddle. There have been … Continue reading

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The Hills are Alive…with the Sound of Hoof Beats

Monday… Duncan has always had a weird presumption about the ground beneath his feet, which is that it won’t dare to vary without his consent. Let’s just say that unlike my cat-footed young gaited mare in the Appalachians–who occasionally saved … Continue reading

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