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Hippie at Heart

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to submit a story to editor Becky Kyle for the anthology Tails from the Front Lines.  Hard to resist, when the proceeds are slated for donation to TADSAW (Train a Dog, Save a … Continue reading

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The Treadmill Experiment

As one part of Connery Beagle’s Overcoming Very Bad Luck Journey through this life, he was given steroids through his adolescence.  This wasn’t particularly good for his developing tendons and ligaments. We shifted him to Atopica as soon as it … Continue reading

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Breaking Good

by Doranna The broken brain.  It is Teh Stoopit.  It looks at things it’s known how to do forEVER and it says, “I got nuthin’.” When it comes to the dogs, I can often see it coming…if not always.  “Nope, … Continue reading

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The McKittypants Diaries: Who’s a Cat?

by Doranna The dogs are far from bored around here.  We’re getting ready for an obedience trial next weekend, so just went to an obedience match this past weekend.  After that comes an agility weekend.  In the meantime, we’re training … Continue reading

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Don’t Want that Bad Good-bye

by Doranna People have lately been asking me about Rena Beagle.  How she is, why I’ve not said much about her. I’ve been bound to leave you, we’ve known that for awhile… I’ve told them that she’s on hiatus from … Continue reading

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Ready, Set…NO!

Dart, as usual, is teaching me lessons. All three of the dogs stay pretty active, like little elementary school kids with a stack of play dates.  However, Connery is a mature boy with lots of seasoning who never did need … Continue reading

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Lani, the Dorse

By Patty Wilber We have this super huge great dog pen that we build for a dog that we never ended up getting (long story).  So, we turned it into a horse pen, then a stud pen, then a two-stud … Continue reading

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The Me Song

by Doranna Every once in a while I do guest and/or interview blogs elsewhere.  On the theory that not everyone here is there (and the other way around), I tend to post such things at Wordplay, too.  Hope it gives … Continue reading

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Dog-gone Root Canal

By Patty Wilber The other week I went to have my teeth cleaned and checked.  I knew I had a bad filling, because it felt like if I tried hard enough I could suck the filling right off.  (Also, the … Continue reading

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by Doranna In the last tracking blog, in the wake of a difficult experience in El Paso, I was getting ready for another tracking test on the 3rd.  I muttered about some of the challenges of getting tracking tests–finding the … Continue reading

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