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Sentinels Starter Kit

by Doranna So, yeah…I’m playing around with Rafflecopter again.  It just looks…you know…fun! The contest is pretty much self-explanatory…and there lots of options for entering.  It starts on 2/28, ends a month later…I wouldn’t tend to have it run quite … Continue reading

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An (Anti)Hero Speaks

Every once in a while we get a special guest blogger around here.  ;>  As it happens, we’re celebrating TAMING THE DEMON release month with Supernatural Smackdown participation.  As I’m not pushing any particular drive for votes (it’s one of … Continue reading

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Last Day Reminders

Because if you’re anything like me, you mean to follow through on something but don’t always get there during the busy times… The Smashwords sale ends…today!  March 9th!  All of my books are on sale in one way or another, … Continue reading

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The Imperfect Service Dog

by Doranna Also known as “Win Prizes, Support Service Dogs, Feel Good About Self, and also Maybe Win Other Prizes.” One of the things I don’t generally discuss overmuch is my health (although it’s the reason for my current paucity … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for Baby

Ha!  Bet that one made you stop and go “whoa!” The book baby, that’s what!  Storm of Reckoning is only a couple weeks away from the big b/i/r/t/h/ release date! *does the dance* I’m getting ready! Bookmarks: check Cool Contest … Continue reading

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The Farscape Connection

My name is Doranna, and I’m a Farscape Fanatic. Didn’t you know? Right from the start. In fact, when the chance came to write an essay about Farscape for BenBella, I leaped at it, and the result is in the … Continue reading

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Random Postiness, The Recent Contest

posted on Sunday, of all things W00t!  The Fresh Fiction Valentine’s Day contest is over, with many thanks to those who came over to WordPlay to read and comment.  And it’s a round of WHEEE! to Lexie, whose name fell … Continue reading

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