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So THERE, Chaos! Take THAT!

by Doranna Last week I wrote a lamentful blog about my April 20 deadline for finishing first draft of LYNX REVEALED.  You know…some chatter about deadlines, some chatter about unexpected CEs, some whining from the muse… It was a stiff … Continue reading

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One of Those Reviews

by Doranna Sigh.  It didn’t used to matter. I mean, it always mattered to ME, but I could console myself that strikingly nasty or baffling reader reviews didn’t matter in the big picture. Of course, now reader rankings matter a … Continue reading

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The Imperfect Service Dog, Part II

Thank you all for your comments in response to the Imperfect Service Dog post–and for your donations to Paws with a Cause, those of you who made them! In that post, I asked three questions…I thought maybe it was MY … Continue reading

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Last Day Reminders

Because if you’re anything like me, you mean to follow through on something but don’t always get there during the busy times… The Smashwords sale ends…today!  March 9th!  All of my books are on sale in one way or another, … Continue reading

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White Jesus Rides Badly

Sadly, as I have learned this week, white Jesus rides badly. Very badly. He does it while wearing a big gold crown and using a bridle made of gold, which is certainly all very much in keeping with the Jesus … Continue reading

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Living with Other Peoples’ Dogs

Our neighbors have a dog. Actually, all of our neighbors have dogs.  But for today, we’re just talking about one of them. Her name is Molly. Molly is an unfettered kind of dog…largely unsupervised. Sometimes she invites herself along for … Continue reading

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Tussling with Tofu

Off in real life, doctors are messing with me. One of the ways they’re messing with me is to say, “You can no longer eat most of the very few food items you actually tolerate in the first place.  Eat … Continue reading

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We all do it. At the moment, I’m watching ConneryBeagle on the treadmill, laying out notes for the imminent call to his vet, firing up the netbook for first draft (Kodiak Chained), preparing DuncanHorse’s lunch to soak for lunchtime, eating … Continue reading

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The Big Pending Burp

The muse rules. My muse doesn’t have a name, which is kind of odd because my research muse certainly does (it’s Spike, which should give you an idea of the pushy nature of said research muse). But she rules, regardless. … Continue reading

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Say Something with Your Writing

A Guest Post by Stephanie Draven One of the things that annoys me about the critiques of the Romance genre is that it’s somehow trivial. As if love had not, in fact, given rise to empires or made them come … Continue reading

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