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Letters from Rena

by Rena Beagle Dear Everyone: My name is Rena Beagle.  I am New here.  I came from a place where things are Very Different than they are here.  I did not have Boy Beagles in my pack, and that is … Continue reading

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Smackdowns, Demon Blades, and Rena

by Doranna That’s right.  It’s a post that includes both the Demon Blade series and the small new Beagle girl!  I’m not even going to try to be clever enough to tie those together… TAMING THE DEMON is juuuust about … Continue reading

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Rena Beagle’s Big Adventure

by Doranna “Hold on there!” the astute among you will say.  “Rena Beagle is a girl name.  And you have two boy Beagles.” Yes.  And now they have a girl Beagle. (Or she has them.  As I suspect the case … Continue reading

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