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White Jesus Rides Badly

Sadly, as I have learned this week, white Jesus rides badly. Very badly. He does it while wearing a big gold crown and using a bridle made of gold, which is certainly all very much in keeping with the Jesus … Continue reading

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Summer Freebies & Sales

Sales!  Freebies!  Instant gratification!  Brain candy! I know, I’m shameless.  But so goes the July newsletter, reproduced below only in part, because yeahhh…in order to clickie on the linkies, you need to see a live version. The live version is … Continue reading

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Because I Have No Willpower

Without willpower, I am bad. Because this has been another One of Those Weeks so far, I am without willpower. Therefore I am bad. Therefore, I offer to you on this blog day, an excerpt from a book I recently … Continue reading

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Finally, A Fish

Do you like fish? Seafood? Lobster and sushi and oysters and crab squid and octopus and heck yes, freshwater fish? I don’t. I really don’t. GET AWAY FROM ME WITH THAT THING. Which is kinda sad, as there’s the whole … Continue reading

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Oops, I’m doing it AGAIN.

It’s Sunday night.  ConneryBeagle would very much like to be writing a blog. However, I’m in the process of discovering–and admitting–that although tonight–after a week of work–I should have finished my computer restoration process, I’m suddenly beginning from scratch. Don’t … Continue reading

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I am Not Currently Speaking to My Life

This is not just what my computer looks like right now.  This is what my brain looks like right now. It’s a new computer.  It has no excuse to be doing this. I AM NOT PLEASED. It’s also my primary … Continue reading

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Septic FAIL, Cat WIN

You wouldn’t think these things have much to do with one another, but last weekend… Actually, last weekend should have been all about an agility trial, and mostly it was–and it also deserves its own little chatter.  It is, however, … Continue reading

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Backlist eBooks: Another 36 hours & 99c

Yup, this post is here for one reason and one reason alone. It’s not particularly cute or clever and it can’t even pretend it’s not promotional. Backlist eBooks has had a holiday sale in play since the 23rd of December–a … Continue reading

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Heading for Hope

Last week was all about Connery’s MACH2 triumph. ConneryBeagle: THAT IS RIGHT!  BAWH! Well, we haven’t talked so much about the increasing headsplosions, or the way the compounded meds look like they’re interacting with his critical immunosuppressant drug, giving him … Continue reading

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This extra little post comes to you courtesy of Daily Cheap Reads, where THE HEART OF DOG is featured today. The happy little blip in Connery’s CT scan funding (over there, at the top of the right-hand column) comes courtesy of … Continue reading

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