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Things in Spring

Pretty pretty pretty… In the background of all this ongoing computer drama (and if you think it seems as if this has been going on forever, I can only tell you it sure FEELS that way…), I’ve been taking moments … Continue reading

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And Lo, The Trees Are Clicking

I’m supposed to be writing. I’m supposed to be finishing a book. But the trees are clicking. Kodiak Chained:  I am due TOMORROW. Clicking Trees: Figure me out!   You know you want to! Internets: I know it seems obvious that … Continue reading

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Spring Bling

This post is brought to you by spring. Also, a bit of housekeeping.  By which to say, if you’re like me and you need lists and reminders and things in your In Box, there’s a handy dandy “Subscribe to WordPlay … Continue reading

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DuncanHorse: Exterior Decoratorating Specialist

Ahhh, spring. Lots of horse hair. The paddock glacier has melted. And DuncanHorse is pleased. When DuncanHorse is pleased, there’s just no telling what will happen. One day, for instance…I might head for the barn to discover he’s been quite … Continue reading

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The Mighty Poo Wrangler

My glamorous life. I am author, web master, Backlist eBooks partner, and…the Mighty Poo Wrangler. (Don’t you wish you were me?) At times, this is more obvious than others.  Like when the north slope in front of the barn is … Continue reading

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Beagles, Horse, Snow, and Tracking…the Happies

It’s 10am Christmas morning, which is a whole lot later than this day started.  Not because I have eager kids in the house, but because today was my chance to run a certification track with Dart Beagle. In order to … Continue reading

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Ground Grooming

Heh heh heh.  Are you ready for winter? Here, we have a small stockpile of shreddings (recycled landscaping and construction), and Duncan’s paddock needs grooming for winter. We did this last fall, too, but that application of shreddings has “matured.” … Continue reading

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Beyond the Woo

There’s always some woo in my books.  As in, woo-woo.  I suppose also as in “wooing,” but I swear I wasn’t trying to be punny when I started this sentence. (Was that convincing?) Anyway, I’ve been thinking about the Reckoners … Continue reading

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Suddenly, Sunday Plumbing Happens

Last winter, we had a week of astonishing temperatures, including a couple of nights in the -25 to -30*F zones. (Don’t talk to me about “You think that’s bad, we do that every year–!”  Because we don’t, and that means … Continue reading

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In Which Duncan Loses his Cool

Duncan is a horse of much cool. He doesn’t spook, as a matter of course. Not at bunnies flushed beneath his hooves, not at objects blowing past in gale-force winds, not at lightning or thunder or dogs rushing up at … Continue reading

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