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My books are SF/F, mystery, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense. My dogs are Beagles, my home is the Southwest, and the horse wants a cookie!

Operation Hug Dart

by Doranna I’m no stranger to dog fights. I started my first pack while living remotely in the mountains—extraordinary, experienced varmint hunters who didn’t just squabble when the time came for the changing of the guard.  No, they inflicted significant … Continue reading

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Puppy Party

Tristan Beagle continues to grow up faster than I can even type about him. See? Teething!  And between the day I took this pic and am writing this blog, those missing front teeth have largely grown in! He has a … Continue reading

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Plague Cat

As soon as I saw Mr. McKittypants, I knew he would break my heart. (No.  Not quite yet.  But he’s working on it.) He came to us young–a born feral, behavior modification flunk-out—an unadoptable cat.  We needed a barn hunter … Continue reading

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Mandatory Spay/Neuter, Not in My Backyard!

by Doranna Spay and neuter laws lead to another one of those conversations that can get us into trouble.  We care about our animals and we care about the suffering of animals who aren’t ours.  We feel passionately about the … Continue reading

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Tracking Dog Wreckcellence

It can be hard to work with genius. Take Connery Beagle.  He’s honest and hardworking and loves to sing his song of self, and did I mention honest?  By which I mean internally as well as externally.  He’s not so … Continue reading

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Not So In Spite Of

Once you embark on the Way of Dog Performance Sports (obedience, rally, tracking, agility), certain things change.  Every cares about the health and well-being of their dogs—but when you’re asking for more from them—and when you’re planning your training around … Continue reading

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Beagle Bashfest

So, hey!  Miss P, Beagle Beautiful, won the Westminster last week! Beagle Beagle Beagle! She is a lovely bitch, with personality and elegance and the most beautiful expression.  And Beagle owners everywhere are bouncing around in the Land of SQUEEE!  … Continue reading

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The Fickle Finger

Ohh, it seems so easy to see wherein lies the FAIL. The dog is trained.  The dog is proofed. The dog is in a familiar environment. So he should know better. And thus Dart Beagle recently went to obedience drill … Continue reading

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Looksie, Booksies!

by Doranna Oh right.  It’s an author blog.  And occasionally books become available!  I should maybe mention that? This month, the book is Alpha Rising.  Very cool cover.  Love the UK version even more! (Except I’ve got to say…the back … Continue reading

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Gone to the Dogs

There’s a thing going on in the dog world these days. It’s not a good thing. It can be hard to talk about objectively, simply because we do all care so very much about our dogs, and the fate of … Continue reading

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