Getting to the Appaloosa Nationals

By Patty Wilber

Last Saturday we were driving out of the Pecos after Gette’s first packing job with Back Country Horsemen.  We packed supplies for a trail crew working on Cave Creek.

Gette did a great job on her first packing job!

We were re-entering cell service when I got a message from Christy reporting her busted truck was still (re?) busted and she had no way to get her horse to the Appaloosa Nationals in Oklahoma City. We were to leave Tuesday.

Fortunately, being reconnected to the world (after an unplugged day) allowed me to quickly contact Derek who was hauling LT and Lucy.  He graciously agreed to rearrange a bit and fit in Deets. (We couldn’t take my truck because Jim had committed to two more pack-ins while I was to be at the horse show.)

Then, we needed a health inspection for Deets, so I thought I could haul him to his Monday appointment (since Christy had no truck).  But I realized I serendipitously already had Dr. Loya coming to do chiropractic on Gette and Stella.  The magic of cell phones allowed me to contact her, add the inspection to Monday’s visit and get the necessary information from Christy to Dr. Loya, while still on the way home!  (Jim was driving.)

Got the health inspection completed Monday, but then Derek called in the evening. “I have some bad news,” he said. Those are never good opening words…

They got poured on and they have a barn area and a long dirt road that can become impassable, and was nearly there.  Fortunately, they were able to pull out before it all soaked in, and overnighted the horses and living quarters trailer at a nearby friend’s (The Roybal’s). Whew.

We all met there at 4 am Tuesday morning. Jim drove our truck and trailer with Deets. My traveling companion, Shelley, drove me.  Nichole drove Heidi and Derek.  Jim and Nichole win the supportive spouse award!

Christy and Heidi have placed in all their classes, so far! They got some trophies, too!

Christy and Deets won Limited Green Ranch Trail!

Heidi and LT got reserve in Open Cow Horse!

They have quite a few classes left, but I am not sure if I will get an update out before I take off for 12 days in Ireland!

Happy Friday!




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  1. dorannadurgin says:

    Goodness! That was a whole bunch of logistics hopping! Congrats to Heidi & Christy! (Love LT’s expression.)

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